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Yes boy and girls…eh gentleman and ladies, the tennis season has begun again and 2008 promises to be a great year as Roger the Roge will be chasing history. The first major of the year as begun Australian Open and so far it has proven to be very interesting.

On Day 1 there were no major upsets save Andy Murray went out like a candle in the wind to Jo-Wilfred Tsonga. Mr. Tsonga put the off season to good use and lost the baby fat. Though many people find the baby fat syndrome pretty cute, I am of the belief that baby fat is only the interest of babies and no place on the tennis court especially in Australia with its hellish heat. He played within himself. Word to the wise to Andy Murray and I know he has his fans but there are too many persons in your camp talking about the same thing. He has a team of three to help him with his game. He has got rid of Brad Gilbert which for me was a very wise move and hired a physical coach, a game tactician and a physiotherapist. Hmmmm the old adage, too many cooks spoil the broth.

Serena played pretty well though she had some hiccups. 6-3, 6-3. Her Aussie opponent was hitting the ball pretty hard but Serena was on it and she let this girl know who was the boss on the court. It was a pretty good match. Love the “costume” too. Her opponent was wearing some throwaway which was at best hideous.

Henin played well of course, Maria was all right. Nadal played well. Andy played well. All in all Day 1 was a good day for seeded players. Lindsay is back 7 months after having a baby. I just want to say that motherhood has not helped Lindsay get over her facial and physical dispositions. She was as always lackadaisical on court but nonetheless she is a VERY CLEAN AND HARD hitter of the ball. She has the best technique out there. Not the best mover but once you get into her strike zone she is DANGEROUS. I don’t think she is going to win this major. She will be playing Maria Sharapova tonight and that should be interesting. She is 1-4 against Maria and her only win was an emphatic 6-0 6-0. It may seem that Maria is the whipping girl of the WTA.

On to Day 2. I went to bed early so that I can watch Venus and Roger play at 3:30 AM. Yes I am a HUGE tennis fan. Venus played very well with the usual streaks of madness that is Venus Williams. She was going for her forehands literally running around the backhand to hit forehands. She looked particularly sharp during these points. For those who aren’t aware of what running around the backhand means, it is basically getting a shot to your backhand and running over the ball so as to be on the other side to hit the forehand. Sorry no internet access to show you actual footage. Yan Zi played very well. Her balls were low but Venus scooped them up. I kept thinking as I was watching the match, Venus is singing in her head, “You must not know bout me. To the left. To the left.” cause she was definitely showing some Attitude on the court. I must say that I am a huge fan of her clothing line but those short shorts got to go. Serious Vee, jock itch is not a dumb jock harassing you trying to go on a date okay. It’s rather uncomfortable. Go with either a longer shorts or get a skirt.

Roger Roger ROGE. 6-0 6-3 6-0. What more can I say? Diego Hartfield of Argentina did not fare as well as his countrymen Canas and Nalbaldian who both beat Federer twice last year. He was crushed. Roger played brilliantly though Hartfield played well on some points but a superior player is a superior player. Roger is definitely ready to take on the challenge and get number 13 today.

Do you know that of the 127 men playing the Aussie Open, there are 11 major titles between them and Roger, number 128th has 12. Johansson (1, Aussie Open 2003), Safin (2, Aussie Open, US Open), Ferrero (1 French 2003 Open), Hewitt (2 Wimbledon 2002, US Open 2001) Nadal (3, French Open 2005-07), Roddick (1 US Open 2003), Moya (1 French Open 1998) I am right about the players and the titles but maybe wrong about the years. There is no denying Roger is the greatest. Yeah I am a tennis geek. Anyway tonight is going to be interesting.

Interesting result today, John Isner, USA lost to Fabrice Santoro, straight sets. One of the tallest men on tour got kicked by one of the shortest players on tour hmmmmmmmmm. Great service action alone will get you far.

Enjoy and please comment

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