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 As I promised some time ago, I have begun the process of putting all available copies of RTFN from its primitive to now professional form on the blog. Now do note that this “newzletter” started out as a mere email to “co-workers” and then grew from there. Hopefully it continues to grow. If you have to look though back issues, do enjoy and as always comment. JSUK (Just so you know) back in the days, the pictographs were not part of the feature. 
January 16 2008
Yesterday’s action was touted to be a great day for on the women’s draw as the place was all a buzzed with the match up of Lindsay Davenport vs. Maria Sharapova. Mind you Lindsay has only beaten Maria once in their 5 meeting (it was more than a beating as the score 6-0, 6-0 would suggest that it was a FADO,
Force, Lindsay Davenport did you use physical force to punish Maria Sharapova,
Abuse of Authority, Lindsay Davenport did not care to acknowledge the name Maria Sharapova and acted as if Maria Sharapova had slapped Ann Davenport;
Discourtesy Lindsay Davenport was rude to not allow Maria Sharapova a game at tier 1 tournament and
Offensive Lindsay Davenport made gestures which suggest that she did not respect Maria Sharapova as a lady but beat her as if she were a bug/animal attempting to harm a close family member.) But I digress.
So the pundits were all excited, Pam, Mary and Mary Joe. “Oh it is so wonderful that a mother came back on tour etc etc etc. Lindsay vs. Maria.” Of course they conveniently forget the stat that Lindsay does not have a winning record against Maria. Nonetheless, Maria did not forget that fact and she came out like a banshee beating Lindsay for all that fanfare 6-1 6-3. “How quietly we go out in the night.” We have to acknowledge the tremendous effort and strength Lindsay went through to get in shape but her performance was lackluster at best. Not known for her movement, (rumour has it that her 7 month old baby out runs her in a sprint.) Maria placed balls in the corners knowing that Lindsay was not going to move. I am only happy that Lindsay went out because Mary Carrillo, Pam Shriver and Mary Joe Fernandez make me ill. They always go all sickening on certain players, Lindsay being a mother now they are all excited as she has joined their club. Of course there is jealousy as Lindsay has more tennis talent in her finger than the three combined. They are “doubles specialist” and were all lifted to greatest in doubles by FAR MORE SUPERIOR partners. However my happiness is short lived by the fact that they are all Maria fans. Onto other news.
Andy looked his usual pre-second week self. Dominating on serve, hyping himself up and running around giving you that fool’s sense of hope that he can really threaten at the majors. Mind you his opponents are lower ranks runts who we quickly forget the next day. However, like a bully in the school yard, Andy takes pleasure in beating up the small fry. However, the true test of his abilities always come when the shark arrive and the Andy that we find so “precious” with his one theme song ‘Serve it hard then a forehand” is thrown around on court. Nevertheless, we are certain that he is not going to be the Aussie Champion 2008.
Rafa Nadal was impressive as always. Running up and down the court working every point over as if his life depended on it. Justine and Amelia. Amelia as always is an Anomaly. Capable of great play and then running around the court as if she is not aware that she is a top 20 player. She is currently ranked 18. That is an insult. Serena was impressive but I felt she was giving too much too early. Her Chinese opponent (Look out for China come Olympics 2008) was in some places giving her a run for her money but Serena showed her who was the boss. I must say that Serena and Venus thus far have been showing a level of game play/tactic that I find very interesting and eagerly await seeing them meeting the big name players. However as we all know the Williams sisters though great, are more than capable of temporary insanity on court as Venus  first round in 2006 Aussie Open lost to Pironvoka (who is she? where is she?) and Serena three straight times to Henin 2007.
Thus far there have been no major upsets, so all is quite well with the tennis world. Look for Safin vs. Marcos Bagdatis. Marat has the most talent on the tour, his biggest problem however is between his ears. That should be an interesting match up if the real Marat shows up. Federer of course plays tonight against Fabrice Santoro. Fabrice is a tricky player however for the tricks/magic he supposedly has, his ranking is a disappearing act. Novak and so does Venus play tonight. I know I am forgetting some players. I know it takes a lot of commitment to stay up and watch tennis. However, the matches are very good if you can withstand the bullshit that is passed off as commentary, then it would be all right.

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