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Originally released on January 17, 2008

Well there is not much to talk about today seeing the fact that College Basketball was dominating the TV waves whilst the matches worth seeing were being played. So, I missed a lot but I can report to you what happened nonetheless.

Roger easily dispatched of Fabrice Santoro. I believe that Fabrice was under the impression that Roger was going to play along with him as have sometimes been the case in the past. However, Roger was not having none of that; 6-1, 6-2, 6-0. Roger is looking very impression. A closer look at the match would reveal that he is liable to have certain service yips but he kept cool under pressure won games nonetheless. I am not sure who he is up against next but it should be another easy breezy beautiful match for the Federer Express.

Venus Williams was a hot hot mess yesterday in her singles match against Camille Pin of France. Yes she won in straight sets 7-5, 6-4. However, she was making errors as if it were the objective of the game. But it is Venus we are talking about and in her most recent major win, she twice almost got bounced from the tournament. Aussie Open and Wimbledon suits the Williams’s game very well. She needs to realize that and play the game she is capable of.

Ivanovic looked very impressive in her match. Hewitt is still around and he is getting all pumped up. There were no major upsets. However, the match that was awaited was the Bagdatis vs. Safin match. I personally had no real vested interest in the outcome here though I am a Safin fan and always back him save when he plays Roger. Plus Marcos Bagdatis irks me at times with his on court antics and his loud Greek fans. (FYI one of them got maced in the face by an Aussie officer. The Aussie bobby just maced that guy full in the face about 5-6 feet away if so much. That guy is sure to have some damage to this eyes but I digress) Also, it was not a match worth me waiting up for as I could have predicted the outcome.

As was pointed out in yesterday’s letter Marat Safin is one of the most talented tennis player ever. The Russian oozes talent but the problem is between his ears. The match started out pretty much as how I scripted it in my mind (of course I watched the match) the first two sets to Marcos, Safin looks like a hot mess on the court, he gets pissed off. He wants to kill someone. He throws his racquet. He wins the next two sets and then fizzle out like alka seltzer and lose the final set. 4-6 4-6 6-2, 6-3, 2/3-6. Yeah the Russian lost to the Cypriot in 5. Surprisingly they both had never lost a 5 set but Marat never won a match if he lost the first two sets so history proved to be the victor here.

In other news, Venus and Serena in an attempt to make the US Olympic team in doubles won their first match today 7-5 6-1 and Venus was wearing a skirt. Thank heaven. Featured matches today would be Nadal, Andy, Serena, Justine, Maria and Jelena.

In other other news and this should really be the breaking news of the day. I would like to close today’s letter with someone who is/was very much a part of the Aussie Open. I am not a fan so you know I am saying this with the strictest of professionalism. Martina Hingis is a three time champion and 5-time finalist at the Australian Open. When other majors don’t go well, the Aussie Open has always been a safe haven for the Swiss Miss. This 5 time major champion’s reputation has recently been tarnished amidst allegation that she tested positive for cocaine. (Cocaine is a hell of a drug) The tribunal has met and confirmed that she did in fact test positive and she is banned for two years. I believe the tribunal and the test were right. Hingis has maintained that she does not know how the drugs got into her system. I believe her too. Now you wonder how this is possible. Well I would tell you why. Hingis has been until recently engaged to Radek Stephanek aka Sharkboy. I am not one to call random people ugly but believe you me, Radek’s face is the stuff that inspire horror/demons/monster movies. The boy’s face has no redeeming quality. However, he is now dating Nicole Vaidasova. Nicole Vaidasova. Yes people true true true. Can you believe that? I mean Hingis is no real beauty but she is all right but for someone like Radek Stephanek to move up from Martina to Nicole….NO NO NO NO. Something is not right. Radek is definitely drugging these girls to lure them into his lair. I hope a more thorough investigation takes place for this matter because a champion’s reputation is at stake here.

(c) 2008 CRH


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