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Originally released on January 18, 2008

I am overflowing with excitement. The final match of the day has just been completed but I am withholding the result of that one for later.

Yesterday was a good tennis day. The seeds all held form. Maria though tested in the earlier part of the match broke her country woman Vesnina’s (or something like that) serve down. 6-3, 6-0. This Vesnina has game but as always experience is a powerful weapon on the tennis court. Justine won though Schaivone from Italy gave a fight for her money. Jelena Jankovic won as well and no surprise she won in three sets. Serena put on a service clinic as she was hitting the service box all over the place. She had 15/16 all out aces and plus her usual service winners that were unreturnable. 6-3 6-3/4. She went on to play doubles with Venus and they beat the number 2 ranked doubles team. The Olympic selection committee is going to be very interesting. However, I think Venus and Serena should stick to singles and let Lisa Raymond and other noted “doubles specialist” take that stop. I mean after all, they are not bad singles players. Right? But I digress.

Rafael nadal was tested early by the French man Gilles Simon. That boy played his heart out in the first set. However, against Nadal you have to keep him down when you have him down. Never let him back up cause Nadal can box his way out of a corner. Experience again played the decisive factor in this match as Nadal was able to rebuff the early charge by the Frenchman and maintain the Spanish pride. I must say that Nadal will never favor well on hard courts in a major or the Aussie open. The ball does not move around the court and as effective as it does on the clay court. His game is tailor made for the clay with the occasional success on hard-court. The ball sits up well for players to throw him off guard. I give him two more rounds. Well no wait….I don’t want to get ahead of myself. But let me say at this point that life has become easier for Rafa Nadal. I forgot to mention that Sam Querry won an epic match yesterday.

For those who read first article, they would have noted that I referred to Andy Roddick as a bully as he always beat up the smaller fries but is reckoned with in later rounds. Well I was right. Andy Roddick is out in the 3rd Round. So is Mardy Fish but that is consolation. I watched the match this morning at least the first three sets. I was contemplating not coming to work as I had monster of a stomach ache. So I waited it out watching tennis. Anyway let me say that this lost was coming because his camp brother John Roddick and Jimmy Connors had worried faces on even when Andy won points. Something I have noticed with the players on the ATP or more specifically the American men, is that from their box you can know whether they are going to win a match. Andy was classic Andy. Serve and big forehand. It was so predictable and Philip Korhlschieber (I got this spelling down) scouted and he played. Andy had his chances but when your game is built so heavily on one stroke you know there is hell to pay when it breaks down even by the slightest. They played 5 sets 6-4, 6-7, 7-6, 6-7, 8-6. There are no tie breaks in the final sets of all the majors save US Open.

The German is 5’10” that is short in tennis and he was on Andy’s serve like white on rice. Andy had his moments. I mean he bombed the boy when he could. However, whenever Mr. Korhlschieber got a piece of it, it was a whole different ball game. I say this and I say this again. The Roddick camp NEED TO TEACH ANDY SOME REAL GAME TACTICS. The boy is totally deficient in that department and players can see it. Half way through points I am at home predicting a winner for the German solely based on the fact that I am looking at Andy going the wrong way all in his ball placement.

There is only James as the lone American and perhaps Querry. Again, note, I hear American commentators complain about how women get paid too much money and men are better players etc etc. I think the American sports pundits should leave that talk for the International community because time and time again, it is the AMERICAN WOMEN who are saving the face of American tennis.

This weekend should be fun. The matches are going to be HOT. Venus vs. Sania Mirza, Roger, James, Novak, Tune into ESPN. I would give updates on Tuesday. I think by then the quarterfinals would be set and ready for action. I have to say that this Aussie Open I am seeing EXCEPTIONAL TENNIS. Everyone came with their game face. So I would say that who wins the Aussie Open are destined for great things this year if all remains well and healthy.

(c) 2008 CRH


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