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Please do not think that I have forgotten my daily task of keeping you up to date on the going ons of the Australian Open 2008. It is just that I have had a busy schedule so far and also the Aussie Open has been somewhat disappointment to say the least for me.

The weekend was a very interesting one.

Roger came off that “tough” 5 setter and won in straight sets against Berdych. Berdych put a stop to Roger’s Olympic dreams in 2004 and Roger has repaid the young Czech in all the next meetings. Roger is gunning for a golden slam this year. (All 4 majors and an Olympics gold medal. Last time done Steffi Graff Agassi in 1988). Roger played James Blake. Blake has never beaten Roger and I believe in all their meetings he has won only 2 sets from Roger if not one. Roger was complete in his game and merciful. 7-5, 7-6, 6-4. You know I am behind Roger all the way.

Justine was taken out by Maria. Maria put a spanking on Justine. Justine came into the match with 33 straight wins. She had not lost since Bartoli in the semis of Wimbledon. 6-4, 6-0. Justine had not lost 6-0 in a set since 2002 French Open semi when she had a meltdown at the hands of her country woman Clijsters. We miss Kim.

The Williams sisters have again proven themselves to be an enigma. Serena was playing better than last year. I mean her serve was crisp. You have a restaurant and Serena was the server you wanted during rush hour. However, when Ms. Serena faced Jankovic, she couldn’t serve a sandwich even if you were to push it across the table. It was a dismal performance. This was supposed to be an all Williams’ final. It was all set. For me, quarterfinals are the kryptonite for Serena. If you want her out at a major, it has to be at the quarterfinal stage or she is more than likely going all the way. Jennifer had her number time and time again and last year Justine had her picked. Jelena Jankovic almost turned out of the tournament in the first round by some qualifier or such and now today she is in the semi. She did not do a single thing spectacular other than continue to play. Serena threw away the match.

You would think that Venus would muster some sort of spirit. However, homegirl was as flat as a week old open can of soda. She had nothing on her serves and Ana had them for lunch. Three double fault in one service game and as for the second serve, she might as well conceded the point instead wasting the time serving because Ivanovic was all over them like white on rice. It was so dismal. At each point you expected to see some sort of real fight but Venus was like a candle in the wind, flickering at times with a few bright spots and then OUT. I was so pissed to be honest with you because here too, Ana did not do a single thing special other than play. She had nothing that on paper was suppose to hurt Venus in anyway.

Both Venus’ and Serena’s play was inexplicable as it was disgusting. It was if they did not want to play. They came into the tournament healthy and with confidence. Venus beat Maria for the first time on hard court in straight sets. It was simply crazy. However, they are out of singles and lost in doubles too. So on to other matters.

Jo-Wilfred Tsonga is in the semi-finals against Nadal. That is going to be an interesting match. Tsonga has proven himself to be legitimate. For me he is the most promising French man. He got game and the physical stature to compete. Gasquet as a lot more talent but he is not as physical imposing as Tsonga and ironically Tsonga beat Gasquet in 4 sets in this tournament. Monfils is too physical and needs more coaching as he is a bit rough around the edges. Also homeboy needs to figure out what to do with his head. Nonetheless, the future of French tennis is quite promising. They had more players in the main draw on the men side than any other country.

Nadal with the help of Kolschreiber’s defeat of Roddick wrote himself into the semi. This should be interesting as he faces “Baby Ali” Tsonga tonight. Roger would be facing Novak Djokovic tomorrow. That should be really interesting. The ladies semis are tonight. Maria vs. Jelena. I see Maria dismantling Jelena. Maria has shown EXCELLENT form throughout the tournament. Her return game is superb. It would have been great to see her and Serena battle it out for a place in the finals. But with Serena playing so poorly and going out, she should count her lucky stars that Maria did not get a chance to repay her for the two trashing that she handed out to her last year. However, Jelena is always up to some on court antics as is Novak Djokovic. Ana is playing Daniela Hanthucova. I am behind Daniela but that might be a losing effort. Daniela used to be more mentally focused and she always had game. She is healthier and a full head of hair. She battled anorexia and you know that does a number on the hair. Her profile pic makes her look like Farah Fawcett Charlie’s Angel style. Battle of the two divas. I like Daniela and this should be her comeback tournament.

Well anyway not much else to speak of at this time. There are no more Americans left in the draw. They all went out in the quarterfinals.

I have to say that this Australian Open has seen a very high level of play all around. Both on the men’s and women’s side. Players are definitely stepping it up. So hit me up with comments.

(c) 2008 CRH


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