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It is with a heavy heart and deep sorrow that I announce that Roger Federer is out of the 2008 Aussie Open without a trophy. His streak has been broken and any hopes of winning the golden slam this year is over. I saw the match so I bear witness to this most unfortunate turn of events. Roger’s play was dismal at best. Whatever bug the Williams’ sisters, Henin, Mauresmo, Roddick, Murray, etc etc caught, certainly worked it way up to Roger Federer. Roger served for the first set and he got there with his usual Roger flair. Easy shots, brilliant technique, the feet moving etc etc. We all know how Roger does it. However, as he was serving for the set 5-4, he looked very weird and began to play as if he wanted to extend the set. Certainly it would have demoralizing for Djokovic as he has not dropped a set so far throughout the tournament. I swear, I was looking at Roger as if he had lost his mind. Roger rarely lets an opportunity like this go astray. Nevertheless he lost his serve and lost it again and the set was over 5-7 Novak Djokovic or as I like to call him (Waldo)

I would admit I am not a fan of the young Serbian. I do admire his play and his ability but his on court antics prove to be too much for this tennis fanatic. He complains constantly of shortness of breath between points or when the tide is not flowing his way. However, when it is all Novak, he breathes with ease as a fish does in water. I question his gamesmanship and also his little imitation of Sharapova and Nadal at the US Open certainly turned me off. But I digress. In the second set Roger was down 1-5. Yes you have read correctly. Roger got broken twice in the set and was about to go out like a punk. He saved face and got one of the breaks back but certainly couldn’t do it again and the set was over 3-6 Roger.

Roger was now down two sets to love. I sat there watching the match…yes I was up at 3:45 in the morning tuned to ESPN2. Anyhow I sat there watching the match expecting to see the Federer Express gather steam. You know the point where Roger gets on a roll and simply eats up the court and showing shots and making plays that not even the tennis god knew about. However, that charge never came. Novak was on Roger like white on rice and the thing that bothered Roger the most was that he couldn’t break the Serbian’s serve. It was simply ridiculous how Roger allowed the match to get out of his hand. He did not law down the law that he is Roger Federer who never loses at majors except to Nadal at the French. So anyway they played to a tie break. Certainly one would expect that Roger would be crisp. NOPE he was like an old dollar bill, rusty, listless, All out of sort. He was flat.

I swear what I saw out there was certainly Novak playing excellent tennis but more importantly I saw Roger acting somewhat cocky as if he expect Novak to wither and allow him back into the match. Roger did not play to win. He expected Novak to give him the match. However, who was going to pass up the opportunity to play an unseeded player in the finals of a major and who, get this NEVER BEEN TO A SINGLE ATP TOURNAMENT FINALS. The odds are so heavily in a seeded player favor, it is unbelievable.

So in case you missed it Roger Federer lost in straight sets. 5-7, 3-6, 6-7. He would still retain the number 1 ranking as he made it to the semis and Nadal did not win the tournament.

What a very strange Aussie Open this has been. Anyway I am not discounting Roger’s ability to break Pete’s record this year. It was strange that Pete said that if Roger is on his way to breaking his record he would be there at the US Open to congratulate him. This is odd because by my count, Roger would have broken the record at Wimbledon if he won the first three majors.  12+3=15. Anyway hopefully Roger saves face. I am upset but I cannot take away from Novak that he played well. He covered his shots and he played within himself. Roger was beaten with no excuse about the matter. He got out played.

(c) 2008 CRH


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