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So the Australian Open has finally closed. I must say that despite all the fan fare that it made in the beginning it was a letdown in the end. I watched the finals only because I had to as a fan. They were nothing worth looking at or inspiring to say the least.

To the women’s finals. First off Ana Ivanovic has to be commended for getting to the finals. She beat a “listless” Venus Williams and save face when she came back to win a match having lost the first 8 games. She did very well to get there. However, there is something very lacking in her game. She plays a very weak game. Yes her forehand is scorching but the rest of her game play is very timid. She would have players on the ropes and hit the ball back into the middle of the court begging for them to be smacked back as winners. And did Maria take that to the bank. Maria was in control throughout. Ana had a look in the first set at 5-4 love-30 but quickly threw it all away. Maria took over and won in straight sets. One has to congratulate Maria as she has won 3 of the 4 majors already. She has been a good major player as she rarely loses before the second week. Yes she has three majors. Wimbledon 2004, US Open 2006 and now Australia Open 2008. Every two years she wins one. However, she wants to win the Olympic gold medal so she is playing Fed Cup. Truth be told she is only now able to get onto the Fed Cup team because Myskina French Open champion in 2004 if I am not mistaken was very vocal about her not being on the team. So Myskina has retired and she can get on the team. Interestingly enough, despite her win, Maria would remain at No5 in the world but Ana is now No2.

Anyway to the men. Tsonga vs. Djokovic

I guess you can tell my usual flare for the word when it comes to tennis is waning because I have lost my passion.

Novak Djokovic won the 2008 Australian Open in 4 sets. It would have been a shame if he didn’t win after all he beat Roger Federer and did not drop a set all tournament long. Of course Tsonga took the first set. He played very well. The first set was filled with spectacular shots especially the final two points of the sets. I was extremely proud that he did not buckle under the pressure. He spoke to the umpire about Novak’s extended time period for serving. The umpire did nothing as far as I can remember. However, I think that Tsonga realized that he was really in the match and was a contender but soon lost his way as well as the match. The thing about men’s tennis these days is that the one, who controls the baseline from the baseline, controls the match. The moment you are pinned behind the baseline no matter how much of a retriever you are, you lose the match. Novak did that to Tsonga. He was pulling him from side to side and of course no matter how big a forehand you have, the margin for error increases the further behind the baseline you are.

Tsonga tried but Novak was better. Of course Novak employed all his usual tricks on the court. He was getting into the crowd’s face, wasting time bouncing the ball, called out the trainer and of course his most “convincing” whenever he thinks the match is about to turn, he gets all asthmatic. He should be careful as the boy who cried wolf did not the help he needed when he really needed it. Novak is not a fair player and these are tricks I usually see employed on the WTA and not on the ATP. This does not bode well for his credibility and legitimacy as a good player. Needless to say we all know how I feel about players who beat Roger. I read Roger’s comment about the match and he is of the opinion that he would have lost the match nonetheless and wasn’t feeling his usual self.

Anyway tennis is over and now I can get back to politics as a lot has happened in two weeks.

Did you know that at 32, Tiger Woods has won 62 PGA tournaments? Can you believe that? No wonder Roger Federer has a man crush on him. Great minds think alike.

(c) 2008 CRH


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