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It is with a heavy heart and deep deep sorrow that I write this column. This has been a bad French Open for me. It is even worse for me because even if I tried to ignore the English version of the coverage, I speak French so it wouldn’t have helped. Paris is one of those cities that I want to visit but as of yesterday, I think I would be booking a ticket for Berlin and Rome before I set foot in Paris.

I have been relatively quiet all French Open long mainly because of the lack of coverage. I would usually give daily updates and match analysis. However, I have been so deprived of tennis this grand slam that I would dear say that it was perhaps a conspiracy by the Tennis Gods to deny me coverage. Hence, I couldn’t cheer on my favorites and give them the good luck charm and coaching advice that they so desperately needed out there on the Terre bateau (clay).

The road to hell is paved with good intention and with that being said I would like to say the Tennis Channel was a good idea but it has done nothing but cause hell for tennis fans here in America. They buy up all the rights to tournaments and deny regular folks access as it is rarely if ever part of the basic packages of cable providers.

Anyway enough about that. The tennis. The Williams’ sisters were poise to go deep in the draw this year. Even though they were on the same side of the draw, they would have met in the semi-finals. Everyone expect them to face the Serbs. However, the sisters had another plan in mind. They decided to do their own thing and leave Paris early losing to nobodies in the 3rd or 4th rounds. Now don’t ask me why or how but they did. Serena left early and Venus left just after. It is with Serena that I am most disappointed with as she was playing excellent tennis coming into the tournament. Maria went out like a candle in the wind despite having Safina against the ropes. Again, it is said time and time again, Maria is a very competitive player. However, she lacks some basic tennis skills. She screams and grunts her way through matches and clearly that fails to get her over the hump when she needs to. She is also not comfortable being the favorite at all. In nearly all matches when she is playing a top ranked player and she is favored to win, she loses.

Anyway Ana Ivanovic won the title and she is now the new “IT GIRL”. Congrats. She made it to three major finals and deserved the win. Safina needs to learn to be “gentile” like a lady. She came across as being so “less than girly” during the trophy ceremony. She has the same mannerism of her brother Marat. I have seen her in person, and I swore it was Marat in drag. I wouldn’t say all this to her face though because she looks like she can take me out in a hurry.

The Men’s. There were no real surprises in the men. Davydenko went out early so perhaps that’s a bit surprising. However, Roger and Rafael got to the finals yet again for the third straight year. Anyone who knows me knows I love two things in life, Roger Federer and opera. Roger is born two days after me and in my mind, we are forever bind by the stars. I have been a Roger fan since Roger had a bad haircut and was a gangly teen. I was with Roger before he became fashion conscious, before $800 haircuts, white leather man bags, white blazers, through thick and thin. I was with Roger when he beat my other tennis love Pete Sampras at Wimbledon. I was with Roger. Rarely has he failed to disappoint me. However, yesterday on the red clays of Paris, Roger almost brought this grown man to tears, a remarkable feat considering I have no feelings. My neighbors probably thought me mad as I screamed obscenities at the television screen. I would have booed Roger Federer if I had a ticket to that finals because what I saw on display was nothing but utter nonsense (I have other choice words to describe Roger but I think the e-mail may not go through)

Roger is going backwards. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was with Mary Carrillo (another rare feat) when she said, “Roger is too good of a player to not do something” Roger did nothing. All credit and apologies to Nadal. I accused him and the Spanish tennis federation of asking Almagro and Verdasco of punking out of the matches so that Nadal can get to the finals. He blitzed those players as if there were mosquitoes in his paths. However, Nadal is really that good on clay. To be honest, Nadal was great. Nadal tore through the draw as if he were playing on the WTA Tour. He was absolutely astounding. His service game, return game, forehands, backhands, volley. The Spaniard had it all. It was tennis at its best. There was not a single thing that could have been done better or worse. His style of play is tailor made for the clay. Watching Nadal’s clay court game makes you believe that man was truly made from clay. He is GOD LIKE on the stuff.

Roger punked out so much during that match I don’t know where to begin. In the very first game, Roger had three easy forehands at net. This is where Roger was invincible but Roger threw them all away. It was embarrassing. The crowd wanted the real Roger to show up so badly. However, Roger like the Williams’ sisters felt it best to disappoint. Words cannot describe the shock at Roger Federer going down 6-0 in the final set of any tournament final let alone a major final. Roger has done this to so many players give them the bagel. So, I guess it can be said one good turn deserves another. However, this is Roger Federer, the GREATEST tennis player and my boo who went out like a punk. Perhaps like Pete Sampras, the clay of Roland Garros would be his Achilles but Roger is too good of a player to not win that trophy. I cannot deal with another year of Nadal putting his teeth on that trophy. Roger is getting further and further from winning at the French yet Nadal is getting closer and closer to getting Wimbledon. Let’s see if Roger can rise from the ashes for this Roger fanatic cannot deal with another Roger disappointment.


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