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Yesterday at Wimbledon. There was no rain, which is big news at the All England Club.

The big names went through relatively easy for the most part. Roger, Serena, Ana, Kuznetsova, Novak etc. There were no major upsets save David Nalbandian (aka Roger’s former nemesis from Argentina) who lost to Canadian Frank Dancavic (I think I got  the spelling wrong but he made it to the finals of a Master’s series hard court tournament last summer, In Canada I believe) Anyway, David went out like a candle in the wind.

As for today, Venus is through 7-6, 6-1. When I left home, no other matches were completed as far as I know. Tommy Haas was leading Guermillo Canas 2 sets to one. My inside source tells me that Canas is set to retire with a muscle/ankle cramp. Something of that sort. Nadal is getting ready to play now I believe after Venus. More scores would be noted. Andy Roddick as well as his former girlfriend Maria Sharapova are also slated to play today.

As for Wimbledon fashion. Venus’s new dress is not to my liking but I have heard talk that it is nice and elegant. Roger came out with a beige cardigan. Brother come out of the closet. I thought it was a bit much but it looked cool. I think he believes he is up to play cricket and not tennis. Of course the white leather bag was in tout. Roger, I swear wouldn’t I love to raid your closet. Serena came out in a white leather raincoat. Didn’t she get the weather report. However, the hairdo was banging. Maria is set to wear shorts this year, saying she is going more traditional. May I ask who was her History teacher, Paris Hilton? Shorts were traditional attire for women in tennis for what era? 1990’s, 1980’s?? Traditional?? Someone help the sister out. Give her a graham cracker so she can keep her beak shut.

I want to take a moment to note a very interesting storyline I heard today while watching the tennis. Everyone knows I am a HATER and I hate the ESPN tennis commentators mostly because I want the job…….seriously I want any job besides this one….Nonetheless, it seems that it has become a new craze to be popping Viagra in order to boost performance. (How/Why?) Well the thing is that Viagra is use to increase blood flow to the penis. Well you get the idea. Any with increase blood flow comes more oxygen to the muscles slowing down the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles. (I think that sounds just about right. Any bio majors here?) Well anyway supposedly Yankee Roger Clemens got caught with a bunch of the blue pills. Perhaps as he is so heavily on steroids, his penis really needed the pills but I would say no more on that end. Well now the world of sport medicine and anti-doping agencies are looking into the matter to rule out if there is any real performance enhancement to the blue devils) WOW, so check out the crotches of men to see if they have a hard on all throughout the game.

I also heard Brad Gilbert saying that players should play through their injury like Tiger did at the US Open. Pam Shiver not to be outdone by Mr. Gilbert stupidity decided to show her dumb card by saying, perhaps the younger players need a role model/martyr type figure from the older generation to finish a match with injury to follow. I was in serious distress at this point. Seriously?? Seriously?? Tiger Woods, the love of Roger Federer’s life, may have seriously jeopardized the rest of his career for his 14th major. Yeah, we can all talk about how amazing it was, but in the end, was it really worth it? People like Brad Gilbert who actually coach people as well as Mary Jo Fernandez, the next Fed Cup captain for the US, was going on about how too many players are retiring. Bud Collins, the elderly statesman of tennis said, we should get rid of first round prize money. Yeah they are being paid for these opinions. Apparently in golf, in you don’t make it to the weekend, i.e. make the cut after the first two rounds, you get no money. These esteemed commentators believe tennis should be like this to prevent early retirement from a match. Do they know how expensive it is to maintain a tennis career? Most players on the tour make the more money just for being in the first round than they do for the rest of their year’s efforts. How can you talk about getting rid of prize money? I guess it is easy for them to say that now that they have finished their careers. Also consider they are also envious because the players are making way more than they ever did. Anyway I could devote a book at these fools ESPN hire but I digress. So until tomorrow…Remember comments are appreciated.


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