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This may be one of the most interesting Wimbledons ever.

As of today, both the number 3 and 4 seeds on the men’s side are out. That’s right in just two days both Novak Djokovic (who was slated to be placed in the finals overcoming the Roger Express) was taken out or should I say snuff by the big man from Russia, Marat Safin 6-4, 7-6, 6-2. I watched the earlier part of that match this morning and I knew that Novak was not ready for Rog in any shape or form. Apparently he was not even ready for Marat. Marat now has a 2-0 head to head over Novak as he took him out also at the 2005 Aussie Open en route to the title. I know the Serbian has loads of fans but I am not one of them. He is a good player but I detest his sportsmanship during matches as well as off the court.

Of course Brad Gilbert and the host of other cacklers of ESPN had Novak on top of a pedestal but as per the usual, they were made to look like idiots.

Davydenko the 4th seed went out in straight sets.

Nicole V. She had a tough match as she lost 9 straight games. Vaidosva can perhaps blame her recent bad form to dating Radek Stephanek aka Shark Boy. His last ex girlfriend, Martina Hingis dropped in the rankings and also got caught with cocaine. So, girl, cut your loses and dump the ugly boy.

Elena D. advanced. Hopefully her serves hold together as she has some monster ground strokes.

Serena leads the first set 2-1

Bartoli, last year’s finalist won the first set

Gonzalez lost his match (?). The 2007 Aussie Open finalist is currently suffering from the Aussie Open finalist syndrome. Get to the finals and then drop off after that. Let’s count the victims, Thomas Johansson, Marat Safin, Rainer Schuttler, Tsonga.

Oh how I wish I were home watching the matches. FYI If you have Verizon as an internet provider, you can see the matches on replay at ESPN 360 as well Euro 2008 matches. You can see the full matches. Unfortunately for me I have Cablevision which does not allow access to the website.


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