Archives: Wimbledon 2008, Day 5

In Archives, Maria Sharapova, Wimbledon on June 27, 2008 at 11:27 pm

Top of the morning to you. So, the rains are finally here in Jolly ole England. For the first time in 5 days rain has cometh at the All England Club, a very unusual feat. Not the rain, the fact that it has been five days without rain. I am sure many players wish there was rain earlier as they would have loved a much cleaner start. When I left home, all courts were covered and no big names were playing save Vaidasova and Kuznetsova. Oh yeah Chatzedave (sp) too. Rog was set to play at Centre Court but is awaiting the end of the showers. Serena is set to play Amelie later on.

Nevertheless, there is much to talk about from yesterday’s play. WOW. Thus far on the men’s side the 3, 4 and 6 seeds are out. The lone American on the men’s side is Bobby Reynolds. There is not much I can say for him other than he is in the third round of Wimbledon. There is much to be done for the Americans both on the women’s and men’s. The Williams sisters are the lone voice for American tennis. They are on the Olympic team along with Blake. Andy opted not to play citing he wants to be prepared for the US Open. Brother go play in China cause your style of preparing has not been doing much for you at all. Perhaps a change might do you good. Andy plays a lot better for the US under Davis Cup than elsewhere. I am baffled by his decision. But then again, aren’t we always baffled by Andy. I must say, that since he left Reebok for Lacoste, things have not been going so hot for him. Every major since then, he has been defeated in a most embarrassing fashion. HE NEEDS A NEW GAME PLAN.

In the press conference, he stated that he choked. I agree, however, this is tennis, best of five sets. You are not supposed to choke. This is not figure skating, gymnastics, diving or one of those one hit/shot sports. There is no clock in tennis. Andy had ample time to adjust his game. As much as I am not a fan, I don’t know, I like the guy in a way and I would love to see him do well. Not beat Roger of course, but still. There is potential there. I think he needs to go seek out the Dahli Lama or something. Go on a spiritual quest. Kabala perhaps. I am sure he can call up Madonna or something. Tina Turner for some Buddha. Even perhaps a little Jesus cause Andy at times on the court, looks like you need a hug and a prayer.

Anyway, Alla Kudryavtseva beat Maria Sharapova and isn’t she a little cocky one. She was like I knew I could win. I came out there to win. Get this, she added “I didn’t like her outfit so, I wanted to beat her” Can you believe this little one? Big talk. She is a bit too cocky. However, she beat Maria. Alla K however, has forgotten that the upset of a big name player is no indication of that player going on to greatest. Many top players have lost to unknowns, and usually those unknowns remain unknowns. Alla K, you also perhaps may need to speak with someone about the serious acne problem on your face. Proactiv perhaps. You got the money for it. You are in the third round of Wimbledon. So fix your face. Being cocky and ugly is not a good combination.


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