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Ladies and Gentleman, let me first apologize for not being here yesterday to give you the word on the weekend tennis at Wimbledon, which meant tennis only on Saturday. Wimbledon never plays tennis on the middle Sunday. Anyway needless to say that pretty much the favorites went through. I was very ill over the weekend with a terrible cold so I may have forgotten some major drama. Nonetheless, I had to miss work on Monday much to my chagrin. I would have taken the day off today but I fear paper would grow on my desk.

Monday’s tennis features all remaining players in both draws vying for a place in the quarterfinals. There was first off controversy as to where the players were playing as many felt that the Williams sisters as well as some of the other top ranked players should be at Centre Court. However, the sisters were relegated to Court 2, the infamous graveyard court and Double J, Jelana Jankovic was sent to Court 11 or 18. She was none too happy especially as Double T, Tamarine Tanasugarn kicked her ass in straight sets. She said she needed a map to find the court. She did not really blame her injury that she allegedly sustained on Saturday. Double J is famous actress and loves to pull on-court antics. Of course she called out the trainer and of course she tried to stall and of course she got upset on the court and spoke….. Serb” is it? (Question of the day: If you are from Serbia, what language do you speak? Serbian?)

The Williams sisters did not allow the past of the graveyard court where they have suffered early defeat to get to them. They both won in straight sets. Jie Zheng won in straight sets and Vaidasova did it in three. Elena Dementieva also did it straight sets. FYI she is looking to be on her way to the semis right now as she is kicking Petrova’s ass on Centre Court. Venus won the first set and has a break against Tamarine Tanasugarn on Court 1 as I write.

The men. WOW was it great to be home coughing up my lungs and watching Roger. Apparently Lyetton thought he had a chance. Roger let him play his game. Contented with himself to stay at the back of the court and not push the issue too much. There were no break of serves in the first set and then they went to a tie break. That’s where Roger pulled the trigger and it was over before Hewitt knew anything. Roger then put on the sleeper and Hewitt was out.

Former Mr. Lopez-Nadal…yes people Feliciano Lopez is showing his ex Rafael Nadal that he can do it too. He is in the quarters after a five setter with Marcos Baghdatis, the Cypriot. Nadal’s ex-boo served up powerful serves in clutch moments and brought himself back to the quarters where he was once before. Marat Safin showed that taking out Novak was no slight as he is also in the quarters taking out the number two Swiss player Warianka. Yes people there is more to Swiss tennis than Roger Federer and Martina aka “Swiss Miss crack ball” Hingis.

Mario Ancic, the last man to beat Roger at Wimbledon took out Verdasco in five sets. Verdasco was looking AMAZING. Hitting crisp shots, returning well. I tell you, the Spanish players are making a name for themselves on the grass courts. You heard it here first, When Spanish players are becoming better grass court players than the Americans who have all exited by round 3, the faith of American tennis is beyond bleak; it’s a desert. However, Verdasco couldn’t administer the sleeper hold and in tennis, the match is not over until the Ump says “Game, set, match” Ancic came back and took him out in 5 sets.

Nadal was looking very very sharp and took out Mikhail who took out Nadal earlier in the year 6-1 6-0. Nadal is a very competent grass court player. Not of the traditional stock but as the court is slow and he has a lot of topspin on the ball, it is no small talk that he is heavily favored to take it all.

The match of the day has to be Gasquet vs. Murray. I dislike Andy Murray. I really do. (I am a hater. That much is true) I swear Gasquet was playing very well. His forehand was on like a boil corn (Vincentian expression) and his backhand was a thing of beauty. It was gorgeous to see him play. The pundits all predicted Murray would hurry the French man away. All of England was behind the Scottish Murray. You know England, ready to take anyone and claim as their own if they can’t get the real thing. Thus when Gasquet served for the match in the third set, he lost serve for the first time and everything went downhill from there. It was a valiant effort. I hope Gasquet continue to do well. The future for French Tennis looks well. Monfils, Tsonga (baby Ali) and Gasquet. However, the Frenchmen are always riddled with injuries.

All of the remaining men are off today so the ladies had the day to take charge. Just in. Venus won in straight sets. 6-4 6-3 and although I said Demetieva was set to make the semis.. she is locked in a tie break. Will go and check the score. Many believe that there might not be an all Williams finals on Saturday. I believe if there isn’t one, it will be the sisters who have let it slip away. They are by far, the best grass court players on their generation.

Just in……So before I left home, I heard the pundits say that Aggie Radwanska would beat Serena or Tamarine get at Venus………well not pundits just Brad Gilbert……Did I ever mention that I loathe the man? He swears he is a great coach but he was made by the work ethics of Andre Aggasi and feels like he can take credit for resurgence of this great player. He tried to help Andy Roddick and Andy Murray. Brad has a thing for guys with the names that begin with A. I wouldn’t say what I really think of Brad Gilbert…….I might get sued.

Anyway Serena dealt with Radwanska 6-4 6-0. FYI Serena took out the Radwanska’s sister in the first round. Yeah, apparently Serena was ready for a possible revenge tactic from Aggie but you know how Serena is in a fight? She would beat you down. She administered the choker on the teenager and she was out. The Chinese Zheng Jie has followed up her taken down of World No:1 and made it to the semis. So Vaidasova saved a straight set knock out and took the second 7-5. However Jie TKOed the Czech 6-1 in the third.

So come Thursday it will be Venus Williams vs. Elena Dementieva and Serena Williams vs. Zheng Jie.

Pre-match analysis. Elena Dementieva is a horrible server. I mean sister girl can’t even serve a cup of tea even if it were glued to her hand. We all know how the Williams’s sister snack on weak second serves but with Elena, Venus would have two serves to look at. However, that said, Elena is DEADLY off the ground. Her ground strokes are pin point accurate and both wings are strong. Elena can be called the bridesmaid of the WTA. She is always close but yet far. She made it to the finals of the US Open and the French Open in 2004/5 I believe. She lost. Made a number of semis in majors and lost. This might be her chance. She knows that Venus might be a bit shaky on her serves and the forehand as always break down for the Williams. BUT, history has shown that Venus gets better as the tournament goes on. This is her home. She believe in Wimbledon AND she has NEVER lost at Centre Court to any other player other than Serena.

Serena vs. Zheng. Well Zheng is ranked 154 in the world or somewhere in that area. Serena has 8 majors I believe. She will definitely the overwhelming favorite in the match. However, Zheng is on a confidence high like no other. She took out seasoned players as if they were mere flies in her way. Serena should be mindful that Zheng is the real deal at this point. It seems that an All Williams finals may be on the ticket come Saturday July 5, 2008. However, the game is won and lost on the field. So, she shall see what happens on Thursday. I might be sick on Thursday instead.


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