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The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plains. The Hartford, Hereford and Hampshire, hurricanes hardly happen. (My Fair Lady. I am pulling out my G-card here. Inv. Erickson accused me of being exception to the G-Unit rule. The insult?) Yes ladies and gentlemen, the rains have taken over Wimbledon.  Therefore play has been suspended. There have been some play nonetheless. As we speak the scores is Roger vs Ancic 6-1, 1-1. Roger is trying to have Ancic upset his parade to a 6th Wimbledon. Feliciano Lopez, Nadal’s ex boo is 4-1 against Marat Safin. Lopez has a 4-1 record against Marat so perhaps one can see Lopez as the favored one here. In other interests, the William sisters are in the doubles quarterfinals 5-3 deuce against another couple whose names have just slipped me.

The breakdown of the men’s quarters
Roger Federerer as a co-worker refers to him as vs. Mario Ancic. Roger in straight sets. Mario is tired. Has played too many 5 setters.

Feliciano Lopez vs. Marat Safin. I would like to favor Marat as I think he is cute. Even Andy Murray’s girlfriend thinks Marat is the hottest guy on the tour. I beg to differ….cause “My boo” (think Usher’s song) Roger got that down pack. However, I think Lopez wants to prove to Rafa that he is a good player too. Lopez is fighting for his boo. Love conquers all. I do believe that Roger would crush Lopez in the semi though but let’s not get ahead ourselves.

Rafael Nadal vs. Andy Murray. This is going to be a raping on the court. Nadal is too strong. Even I worry about him again my boo. Nadal wants Wimbledon BADLY. He has not come close any place else to win another major. The hard courts of the US Open do not favor him as they are too fast for this Speedy Gonzalez and he is often too tired/injured at the Aussie Open. He wants that French/Wimbledon combo to be placed in the Hall of Fame.  I say he trashes the British lad in straight sets quite possibly offering him a bagel (6-0).

Surprise quarterfinalists Rainer Schuttler (Germany) and Arnaud Clement (France). I say surprise because I did not even know they were in the draw. These men share the distinction of being the whipping boys of André Agassi in a couple of his Aussie Open wins. They won a total of 11 games against André in 6 sets. Agassi was Agassi back then. However, as is the recent curse of being the unexpected Aussie Open finalist, you drop off the face of the earth the following year. Now these two veterans 30 and 32 years old, are making a comeback. Many favor Schuttler, but I think the Frenchman can make some noise here. I tell you French tennis is on the rise. Nonetheless, the likelihood of one of these guys taking out Nadal…….It is as likely as be me winning the US Open.


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