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It is with bittersweet emotions that I write this final update for Wimbledon 2008. By now many would have heard the results. It was a very hard weekend for me. However, I am here to keep up the fight. It’s not easy but I would be all right. I think I am handling it all in all better than can be expected.

Venus Williams repeated as Wimbledon ladies champion, making it her fifth title. The Williams sisters have dominated the hallowed grounds of Wimbledon. To date, since 2000, a Williams sister have been in 8 of the last 9 Wimbledon, winning 7 of the last 9. That is a remarkable and without a doubt, they would be in the hall of fame. Serena came out on a tear and she looked to be ready to demolish the older sister. However, Venus kept within herself and played her game. It was a very difficult final as both sisters knew the other’s game inside out. Serena kept expecting Venus to crack for she knew if she were to win, she needed Venus to make errors. Venus camped on the baseline and moved in. Her second serve, usually her Achilles, was on “like a boil corn”. She played beautifully and the crown was hers. She did not drop a set and the forehand was clicking. Serena was visibly pissed. She hates to lose especially in a major final. However, it has only happened three times, twice at her sister’s hand. They went on to win the doubles title. They are ready for Beijing. Let’s hope the sisters can do it for the US and take gold again. They are looking very sharp.

On to the men side. Well Nadal became the first guy since 1980 to win Wimbledon and French Open back to back. Roger was denied a sixth title. He played horribly. He lost the first two sets. The guy was NEVER EVER aggressive on Nadal’s serve. I could not be consoled. I could not be comforted. No words could have helped me. A friend came over to watch the match; I almost threw him out of the apartment. It seemed everyone was a Nadal fan. I alone stood on the Federer Island. It was devastating. Everyone kept calling Nadal the underdog. However, Nadal withstood the charge from Roger.

I am extremely disappointed in Roger’s play. He may be ranked Number 1 in the world but clearly he is the third ranked player. He is in a weird place. He has had a terrible year. Without winning Wimbledon, it is clear that his game is at a standstill. He needs a coach but unfortunately, what’s one to tell the Roger Federer? His game seemed almost out of this world. However, there were some areas that I think he needs to work on. His backhand and his return of serve especially against the likes of Nadal. The players below Roger have been working meanwhile, Roger has been doing commercials and concerning himself with fashion. Apparently, Roger wants to be a Williams sister. I am upset at the lost and I would get over it. However, I will keep on keeping on with my Roger Federer.

Rog… you need to win the US Open and the Olympics in order to salvage this year.

PS. Anyone making fun of Roger Federer’s lost would be hit with a class action suit for cruel and unnecessary punishment.


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