Archives: US Open 2008, Day 1

In Archives, Grand Slam, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, US Open on August 26, 2008 at 10:42 am

So the last major of the year has started. I am sorry for the delay in sending out my newsletter but I just came back from a two week hiatus. Yeah I was out doing (I wish I were in Beijing) Olympics coverage. It is great being away from this place. I would highly recommend it to all. However, coming back is never great. I have been trying to get stuff done. Anyway to the Open.

So they are trying to make this Open as big as possible. However, the Olympics Games have definitely outshined any major sporting event this year and since Roger cannot get to Major #15 in NYC, the US Open will be relegated to just being another tennis tournament. Many of the players are coming off the jet lag of China. So don’t be entirely surprised by upsets.

So far things have been pretty routine. Nadal however, faced a tough fight from the German Bjorn Phau I think is his name 7-6, 6-3, 7-6. James Blake was tested by the young Donald Young. Blake finally won the fifth set 6-4. Although Young may never be able to contest for major titles perhaps at the French Open, he is one to watch. He has deft hands at net. He is refreshing to watch. It’s a shame he is small in stature and a throwback to the ole school days of tennis dexterity.

Anyway before this match, there was a celebration of 40 years of the Open. They brought in past champions and of course Roger was there looking all precious. I swear that man’s closet has treasure chests. I reiterate my statement from last year again this year, “I wanna raid Roger’s closet and not the gay one.” FYI Roger finally won gold at the Olympics and then he was jumping all on top of Warwinka. (pics in next post) It was disgusting and exhilarating at the same time. Roger is finally coming out of the closet if he is trying to hump his country man on camera. It was a bit like soft porn.

No major upsets to report thus far other than Chatvetadze lost her first round match. She cried and cried hard. Jelana Jankovic who beat American Coco looked like those Easter marshmallow treats, Peeps wrapped in silver. She looked bad. Other wins thus far are David Ferrer, Del Potro who has been on fire this year, Monfils, Murray are all through. America lost the huge tall guy John Isner. Dementieva, Davenport and Danish Wozniacki also won first round matches,

This evening Venus Williams take on Sam Stosur and Roger Federer some qualifier.


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