Finally on the World Wide Web! Beware and Be afraid

In Sports Blog, Tennis on May 9, 2010 at 11:28 pm

So the Realz Fanz Tenis Newzletter is finally on the World Wide Web and that could only mean one thing, trouble, loads and loads of trouble. I am so happy to finally bring this prestigious publication to an online format. According to the many fanz, it has long been overdue. I thank you fanz for giving me the encouragement to finally do it. I will not give any shout outs at this time but you fanz know who you are. Thank you very very much. When I get to the big top, I will be taking you with me. Of course you would have to stand behind so as not to block my shots. I so hate accessories in photos. Don’t forget to spread the word around. But I digress, the blog is finally here. I do hope I can keep the previous format of the past issues and continue to uphold the standard that I set in the past years. So much has happened since we last spoke and I have to play catch up to keep you abreast of everything. The French Open is set to begin on May 24, 2010. I will have the all important preview for the second major of the year in the coming weeks. I will try to publish as many back issues as I can find. Hopefully this all work out fine. There may be many technical difficulties but I do ask that you bear with me. Don’t forget that comments are always welcome and suggestions would always be noted and considered. Thanks again for your support and enjoy. Remember to watch tennis and support the game.

I would ask you to check out the About page as well.

  1. Hey Sugarplum!

    I love that you followed your dreams of having a tennis blog! All the best and thanks for the big up.

    • You are treading on dangerous ground referring to the Edetor and Chefe as “sugarplum”. I am not one for terms of affections. Also, I will not have you giving readers the impression that I am taken especially in case certain players from the ATP happen to be interested.

  2. Congrats son…and remember to acknowledge the one responsible for all your success…MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

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