On the road to Wimbledon

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Seeds are falling all over the place in England

Officially, Spring is still here and Summer starts in two weeks but if you’re watching tennis in England, it sure feels like the Autumn. Squirrels can start their collecting early this year as top seeds are falling all over the place at the Queen’s Club tennis tournament (Aegon Championships). Blame it on the weather, the French Open hangover but as of right now, the top 6 players are OUT. What’s even more surprising is that they have lost to surprisingly “nobodies.”

No 2 seed D’Joker Harlequeen lost to Malisse (a former Wimbledon semifinalist) 3-6 6-4 2-6
No 3 seed Lochness Monster (the defending champion) lost to Mardy Whale 4-6 6-1 7-6
No 4 seed Mr. Brooklyn Decker (4 time champion) lost to Dudi Sela (who???) 6-4 7-6
No 5 seed Marin Cilic lost to Michael Llodra  7-6 6-2
No 6 seed Beetlejuice  lost to Rainer Schuttler 3-6 7-6 2-6
Interestingly enough seeds 2-5 all lost in the same round and they were seemingly sluggish out there on court. They can offer up no real excuse as to their loss and I assure you, that it is not the superior skill of their opponents. You would think that players like Murray, Roddick and Cilic would be happy that they are on the more secure surface of grass. I particularly feel for Lochness Monster because the British press and tabloids (is there any difference over there?) are going to terrorize the poor beast. The monster was already pissed with the whale since yesterday because the whale was up 3-0 in the final set and the monster broke back to level 3-3. Mardy Whale sensing that he is about to be beached decided to suspend play, telling the umpire it’s too dark. Now you know the darkness would favor the Lochness Monster. The umpire agreed with the friendly whale. Lochness was pissed to say the least. Things are going to be interesting come Wimbledon.

The frustrations in his homeland begins...

No 1 seed Divadal struggled yesterday in his match against Denis Istomin. However, he made it through and is currently playing his former boo Feliciano Lopez. They are as we speak on serve 1-1.  I doubt Divadal will lose to his former boo. He has a 5-1 lead over him and right now, Lopez is doing absolute nonsense at net. Do note that Divadal had to call for the trainer. I was surprised that he is playing this week but I guess he figured since he did not lose a set at the French he has the strength to do more. However, Dividal has to realize that his body has a limit despite his mind being determined to push on forever.

UPDATE: No 1 seed Divadal just lost 6-7 4-6 to Feliciano Lopez. So we haven’t even got to the semi-finals and the top 6 seeds are already out. So we will get a first time champion this year. Quite possibly American Sam”The Grinch” Querrys and Mardy Whale. The Squirrels are really out collecting seeds.

WOW! WOW! Hold it....some lube please

Meanwhile Mr. Federer is in Halle Germany having a good time on his favorite surface.

Cool and calm as always...Mr. Federer


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