Wimbledon 2010: Day 2

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Well Day 2 is over and not much went on as the usual suspects went through. I am sorry for not being good about the posting this past week or so but we should be back on track as of today. Not much to rant and rave about except that I don’t understand how English people work. London is famous for its rain and when rain comes, play is interrupted at Wimbledon. Even the slightest of sprinkles delays play as they are playing on grass. Grass becomes very slippery when wet and cause serious injury to players. Anyway, I have noticed that the Wimbledon committee has not done more to get more match play in per day. The French Open committee started several years ago to begin play on the first Sunday and matches start at 11:00 a.m as they do in Australian and the US Open too. But England, they start play at 12:00 p.m. and even 1:00 p.m. on the main show courts. What’s even worse, Wimbledon does not have any matches on the first Sunday aka Middle Sunday of the tournament. I mean I am not a genius or anything like that but I am just saying, since every year you always have interruptions and delays, why not get more play in the day. Yesterday, about 6-8 matches were cancelled and two had to be interrupted because of poor lighting.  Tennis players would not be complaining about playing at 11:00 a.m. especially if they are ensured of not having to play matches in quick succession considering a fair amount of players play singles and doubles at the tournament.

Anyway to the tennis..
The Serenanator was impressive in her opening round match taking out her opponent 6-0 6-4. She did not lose a single point when getting the first serve in and had 15 aces. She was kicking @$$ and she was not the only top player as Maria Shriekapova took out her opponent 6-1 6-0. Maria is a former champion here but in the last two years has gone out in the 2nd round. I am sure she would be trying to save face because many believe that she can be a contender here. Victoria Azarenka also won her match as did Danish biscuit Carolina Wozniacki who routed Frenchwoman Garbin 6-1 6-1 and Na Li. In the ladies draw there were two men battling it out Svetlana Boynetsova vs. Akgul A-M-A-Nmuradova of Uzbekistan.


Akgul A-M-A-Nmuradova of Uzbekistan

SURPRISE: Guess who just lost in the first round? Sam “D’Stove” Stosur, 2010 French Open finalist. I told you she was done. That means that both finalists from the French Open are out of Wimbledon by day 2. D’Stove was beaten by another SSSC….Telly’s sister, Kaia Kanepi

Someone needs to call KeySpan/National Grid because this Stove is out of gas.

Yeah Yeah getting back my street creds…That’s my sis yo…

Lil sis Kaia

Well the top top men were in good form as well yesterday. Divadal took out his opponent in straight sets as did Robin “Hood Smoldering” Soderling who took out American Robby Ginepri. Jo-Willie Tsonga aka Baby Ali also won his match as did David Ferrer. Mikhail Youzhny took out Dudi Sela of Israel who played so well two weeks ago when he took out Mr. Brooklyn Decker. Lochness Monster came out looking shaky perhaps because of the pressure on him as England not doing so well at the World Cup. However, the beast pulled through and into the second round. Several of the seeded players lost just far, Marin Cilic (11),  Tabasco Verdasco (8), Nicolas Almagro (19) Marcos Fatdatis (24) and Juan Carlo Ferrero (14) all lost in the first round. However, most of them are clay court specialist so no real surprise.

In today’s play, Mr. Federer, Mr. Brooklyn Decker, D’Joker Harlequeen, Crackhead, Mommie Dearest and Mask are all in action today. I can report that the Belgians are through to the third round set to meet each other in the 4th round. Unfortunately, Shahar Peer was unable to follow up her French Open run and is out in the 2nd round. Of course more complete coverage tomorrow.

Strike a pose…though an awkward pose…

RFTN Big Picture SHOW…

Dominika Cibulkova…if you don’t mind the lack of a frontal attack…

Soriana Cirstea …still looking HOT even while she is hot…

There are no Notties today… figure I am always on Lochness Monster’s case…so he enjoys a free pass today. However, I have to point out this..

Here is our resident hottie Fernando “Tabasco Verdasco” looking like day ole catsup….hmmm how he has let himself go….

Great court sense but All Fashion Nonsense

I don’t know whose bright idea this was to add this lil jacket bit but it ain’t look good. Plus Maria looks like someone wrapped her in toilet paper or paper towel.

Nike really has to reign in these tennis players who think they are fashion designers. See I blame Mr. Federer for this jacket business.

I wonder if Ms. Gold Lamé to Ms. White Chiffon sleeve (WTF) still believes that “her friend” who is designing these “outfits” for her is truly her friend. This is attempted fashion murder. Someone please arrest both her friend and she.

There is just so many things wrong with this outfit that I am only going to put out the positive: The bowl of strawberries and crème.


They are number one and two on paper but do they have to be number 1 and 2 in paper chested as well.

Argghh…such utter disappointment in their physique. They are in the bottom of the rankings for me. Quickly put back on your shirts!!

Guess who’s back!!!!


Oh no she didn’t!! OH NO SHE DIDN’T…(by the way… I think someone let the air out of that girl’s with yellow straps front tires…they looking rather flat)

Picky and Index fingers always pointed….

You can’t see me but I am on top….


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