Wimbledon 2010: Day 4

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Hey fanz…I know. I know. I am always coming out with late editions. What can I say? I procrastinate a lot. It cannot be help especially when this is not a paying gig but oh how I pray one day it would be and I can be coming live and direct from the grass of Wimbledon. Anyhow, since most of you all don’t get on the website to increase traffic then you would have to deal with a tardy editor. Anyway, if we are to get all caught up, then we have to deal with Thursday’s affair. Last time we spoke, the Queen was at Wimbledon after a 33-year absence. I certainly did not miss her. Apparently, had Tim Henman, a true Englishman and last British player besides Lochness Monster to smell a chance at the title, ever got to the final, in particular in 2001, the Queen was free for that day to show up and support their local lad. As if she not free every frigging day of the year. I wish not to continue my little tirade about monarchy and I need not reiterate my feelings about their status but I just want to say one more thing…especially since this is my forum and I can do whatever I want to. The thing I dislike most about monarchies is that they enforce this notion that some people are better than others and they should be respected for no other reason than they are who they are. Monarchies in this day and age have no real power, (in Europe at least, you would not catch me saying this sort of shit in Bhutan) and in essence do nothing at all deserving of respect, adoration or even consideration. Yet, the Queen of England shows up at Wimbledon and the whole world is in a fuss. One has to curtsey and respect certain formalities for what? And Why? Really what has this woman done ever in her life to deserve anyone’s respect or adoration? Delivered three reckless children including two sons who ruined the women they married and then settled for the downgrades. Please the whole thing is bullshit…they should dissolve the monarch and spread wealth back to the countries around the world that built it up in the first place beginning with sending the crown jewels back to Africa and India.

Anyway to the tennis: Women’s coverage..
I am still smarting over the fact that the Wimbledon Committee placed Serena Williams, current number on Court No 2. They said they wanted to give other players a chance to play on Centre Court and also because Wozniacki being from Denmark, also has monarchy in her court but still, it was an insult. Roger Federer when not playing on Centre Court is on Court 1. How and why the fcuk is Serenanator on Court No 2 is beyond me and some right bullshite. However, I already got on one hate-train for this edition and do not want to get another train line. Serena did get to meet the Queen and because of play did not get to dine with her. And in all ironies, the Queen only stayed for Murray’s match which was up first on the court. She left afterwards…who knows what was more pressing especially since she never really had a job to begin with to retire. Anyway, despite all this drama, Serenanator may have been a bit snubbed by the on court diss by Wimbledon and put on a serving clinic on Court No 2, historically called the “graveyard court” as many of major upsets have taken place there including Pete Sampras’s last grass court match in 2002 and the 2004 and 2006 losses of Venus Williams. Anyway, there was no upset on Thursday and the only thing that needed burial was the carcass of Anna Chakvetadze as Serenanator beat her to a pulp 6-0 6-1. It was a royal beatdown. Chakvetadze was once a promising player but I do not know what went wrong as now she is crying all the time on court. Her “dismantlement” was so swift that I do not even think the Serenanator give her time to cry. I am sure there was a flood in the locker room when she went back in.

The Queen meeting tennis royalty

I am not going to cry. I am not going to cry!

The waterworks about to begin…

In other wins in the ladies 2nd round, Shriekapova, Wozniacki, the Danish biscuit, Ararenka, Flavia Penne Pasta Pennetta of Italy, Na Li and Radwanka. Do you know Agnieszka Radwanska is the currently ranked 9th in the world and seeded 7th at Wimbledon and I bet no one really know who she is. She’s is from Poland and has a sister who also plays on the tour. I should also mention that Telly Monster’s sister, Kaia Kanepi of Finland she also won her match. She was the one who took out D’Stove…Glad to see she followed that upset with a win. Usually players who beat a major player, lose in the next round but Kaia Monster is definitely representing the folks on the Sesame Street Block. Anyway enough about her….in upsets, Daniella Hantuchova lost as did Svetlana Boynetsova. Boynetsova seeded 19th at this tournament is already plummeting in the ranking as she was unable to defend her French Open title. This early bounce at Wimbledon is going continue their decline. Poor Daniella…we have such hope for her and the thing is she lost to a nobody…and so did Boynetsova…ah well.. Jie Zheng also lost her match. We do like seeing her around but we would catch her on the flip side.

Anyways in the Menz action. Lochness Monster took out the Finn Jarrko Nieminen in straight sets. I expected a much tougher match from the Finn but I guess the moment got to him. Divadal decided to skip meeting the Queen saying that he preferred to focus on his tennis. However, we all know that Divadal being the queen that he is, was not about to outshined by another even if she has a real title. Anyways, Divadal was in the fight of his life being taken to 5 sets. He lost the first set 5-7 and it looked like things to be going back his way as he took the second 6-2. However, he lost the third set 3-6. Now what happened next is one of the dumbest moves I know to exist in men’s tennis, playing a five-set match, and being up 2-1 one, you tank the 4th set in order to preserve energy for the 5th. That’s nonetheless because in the 5th set, you are all 2-2 in set. As the player who was down 2 sets to 1, why would I lose my way and let you walk all over me in the 5th set? The thing is when you are up 2 sets to 1 in a 5 set match especially against a top player, YOU NEED TO GO IN FOR THE KILL! Stupid boy lost the 4th set 0-6 and then you know Rafa, does not play when you give him an inch, he won 6-3 in the fifth. Rafa Nadal is through to the 3rd with a similar scare as Mr. Federer. Like I have been saying for some time, the two top men have been showing some nerves as of late and everyone else at the bottom is hungry to take them out. There is absolutely no such thing as free games in the men’s game anymore. If you want to win a match, you have to go out there and win it.

Joining Divadal in the 3rd round was American Sam “The Grinch” Querry, baby Ali, Xavier Malisse of Belgium who is also playing mixed doubles with his country woman Mommie Dearest. Also getting through was Fognini who you remembered took out Beetlejuice at the French, well he took out American Mike Russell. David Ferrer also won as did Thomas Bellucci of Brazil. John Isner still had to finally finish his match against Nicholas Mahut taking the match 70-68 in the 5th set. All sorts of records were broken and it was a remarkable match. I do not think any other players would put themselves through that much torture for a 1st round match perhaps in the finalz. Anyway, what I did not get is that fact that despite all of that play time, Isner allowed himself to be running around giving interviews all over the place. Seriously?? Boy go get treated and some rest and stop flapping your lips. It was crazy considering he had to play first up the next day for his second round match on Friday.

That is one angry lil Frenchman in the middle…dare anyone to shout “Freedom fries” in his face. It would be the Battle of Normandy on your @$$

Isner’s feet or what use to be his feet after the marathon match…ROADKILL

RTFN Big Picture Show

Money can’t buy you class but it sure can bring you this. Ms. Lochness Monster, Kim Sears. Now rumor had it that she dumped the Scottish beast cause he was playing with his video games and his ‘lil joystick’ Now she is back in the picture. Sweetie if he picked the plastic box over you in the first round, your chances in round 2 is zero to none. However, you trying to ride that Murray Train cause he is really contending in majors now. So we salute you for being a HOTTIE but with Gold-Digger Status….We not going to hate on your game gurl…but we would call you out on it.

I think someone threw up their salad on her dress…

Ordinarily you know I am hating on the Crackhead but she sure does clean up nicely, looking Unbeweaveable and rocking it out for the Queen.


I could see what kept you away for 33 years. You come in an aquamarine house coat, cardboard looking hat and faux leather/plastic black handbag? OFF WITH HER HEAD for fashion high treason.


Is she a tennis player or trying to become female Usain Bolt??

Or perhaps a ballerina a la Natalia Makarova.

Andy did you steal that nice man who served us lunch jacket?? WTF Andy…your wife is a supermodel.. and this is your best effort??

Mr. Federer showing you how it is done. Are my eyes deceiving me?? Andy is bad enough with a dinner jacket but is D’Joker Harelqueen showing up to meet the Queen in a tracksuit?? And a bloody white one to make matters worse with white sneakers. WTF He is Serbian not Italian from Staten Island. You can really tell the real queens from the fake ones because some people are just like school in August….NO CLASS!

The Queen to the Danish Biscuit: Young Lady you did not have to go through all this trouble trying to look like Genevieve. We are not in King Arthur’s Court so you should really fix your hair. It’s rather dreadful. Fivehead: I was trying to tell her that but that shirt she stole from her daddy was killing me as are those white pants and the black belt too. I couldn't anymore.

How the Queen prepares to pick her nose… She is a lady in public…so first you act like you’re going to scratch your lip…Is she some sort of Witch of Oz with pink spectacles??

Does anyone have a pencil I can borrow so I can write on this paper chest “DON’T LEAVE PAPER LYING AROUND ON COURT!”

I’m gonna sell all this shite on EBay…especially considering the bullshit salary you all have been giving me… You know what happens to a man sitting in the same spot for three days straight?? Let’s sure say I am going to take the proceeds and by stocks in the Preparation H company.

Get out of the way you ole Itch…

You're getting in my fcuking way...

And don’t you ever call Foot Fault on me again!… or I would make you a weed in this grass…you heard…

High flying Adore…

Houston we have lift off

Give it to me good… give it to me good..

Harder…Harder… Harder…Harder…


Can the court jester run wild….

And they vacuum the grass……Hmmmm


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