Venus Williams does it again….

In Sports Blog, Tennis, Tsvetana Pironkova, Venus Williams, Wimbledon on June 29, 2010 at 10:47 am

Venus Ebony Starr Williams never fails to disappoint her fans after giving them hope of better days. We here at RTFN have long discussed the enigma that is the current world’s number 2. Her enthusiasm for being bounced out of tournaments in shameful fashion can hardly be contained. IN an effort to see better results from her: We have placed her on probation. We have given her a very disparaging nickname “The Crackhead” We have even laid her to rest by having a funeral for her earlier this year. However, NONE of this seems to work. It is as if the more we place her on punishment, it is the more she does her level best to do worse than before. Now in her latest of shenanigans, she was bounced out of the Wimbledon in straight sets 2-6 3-6 by Tsvetana Pironkova ranked 85 in the world. Now granted that Pironkova beat the Crackhead in 2006, one would have expected a much tougher fight from the American. This brings her total losses for the year at 6 and in EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE LOSSES she was BLOWN OFF THE COURT. Losing to Ms. Gold Lamé, Fatrova, Li Na/Na Li and the the list goes on. And if I am not mistaken, she did not win a single set in any of those matches except her loss at the Australian Open. This is truly amazing, a player so experience and talented is being mistreated in this fashion. The last time the Crackhead lost in the quarterfinals of Wimbledon was in 1999 when she lost to Steffi Graf who eventually got to the finals losing to Lindsay Davenport aka Lady Lazy. IS SHE FCUKING KIDDING ME WITH THIS SHITE….LOSING TO PIRONKOVA AT WIMBLEDON….Pironkova could not even make it out of the qualifying rounds most years at Wimbledon and now she is in the semifinals having beaten 5-time Champion…BULLSHIT…. Anyway, since I have already buried the Crackhead earlier this year…There is but one thing left to do. I am not going to soil this illustrious editorial publication with any more filth. It is declared that from henceforth VENUS EBONY STARR WILLIAMS aka THE CRACKHEAD would be STRICKEN from all records and references…SHE WOULD NO LONGER BE REFERRED TO IN NAME, BODY OR SPIRIT. We are all tired of this garbage from her and we will put up with it no more. YOU ARE DEAD TO US. You are the UNMENTIONABLE.

Pack your shite and get the fcuk out of here

  1. Another embarassing loss by Venus, but excellent post by our faithful editor.

    • Yes it was another embarassing loss for the One Who Shall Not be Named. However, these sort of losses have become typical. Check out her lost to Mommie Dearest in Florida and to Fivehead in Rome. Absolutely dispicable play. She is 30 years old. It is time she retires from the game.

      I do thank you for your compliment.

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