US Open 2010: Day 3 abbreviated..

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Hello fanz,
I am sorry to inform you that today would only be an update. I have a previous engagement that would be preventing me from publishing a full issue. However, I would try to make it up to you tomorrow. It is very unfortunate because yesterday at the Open was filled with as much drama to almost…and I do stress the word almost, any episode of Jersey Shore. Though I would admit that I am no longer insult my senses by tuning into that filth and all my previous Jersey Shore references in past newzletters were quickly attacked for being “inaccurate.” Nevertheless I would giving you an update to keep you up to speed. Also note that the online blog is up to date with the past two issues posted. Remember to log onto and post comments. I welcome both hateration and adoration. Just make sure you comment.

Gurl it's just like at the beach....only with fountains..

To the ladies….
Well as if I am part psychic, I predicted an early exit for Victoria Azarenka. I would have really like to have been wrong on the matter but at the times, the gift of seer can be a burden at times. It was reported that she collapsed on court because of a mild concussion she suffered earlier in the day after falling off the treadmill. Now, this is just plain ole silly. If this is true (which I do not believe) one has to really wonder who is in charge of Azarenka because they are no good for the girl. This is the second time they are sending a seriously ill athlete out on court to play tennis despite unbearable conditions. In 2009, Azarenka was basically hobbling around court against Serenanator. It was a painful experience to witness, yet she kept on playing until she was basically forced off the court. Now yesterday she suffered a mild concussion…a concussion mind you not a simply fall. So that leaves open the door that she might have a possible brain aneurysm leading to a stroke and yet she is out playing tennis in 90 degree temperature again in that ugly and ill-fitting black dress. Who is in charge here of her well-being? Britney Spears? So she collapsed because of that they say, yet they do not refer to the second fall as another concussion, which it should have been. People please, I watch House, seen nearly all episodes of ER and Chicago Hope okay, which means that I graduated top honors from TV Land Medical School. So you can take that bullshite diagnosis and stick it in your @$ because that would not fly this side of the Atlantic. Anyway, she is out and Gisela Dulko of Argentina is in the 3rd round of the US Open.

Call 911....Azarenka down and out for the count

It's going to be okay in about 9'll be just fine

She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named looked a bit rusty (well you know the usual crackish ways) on court but pulled off a 7-6 6-3 victory over some no name Canadian. Mommie Dearest looked like she got her stuff together and routed her opponent 6-2 6-1. They would join Francesa Schiabone, the Demented One, D’Stove, Penne Pasta Pennetta, Ana Ivanovic, Shahar Peer (Jewess Hammer) and Alona Bondarenka who took out Melanie “Dot” Oudin in the 3rd round. Didn’t I tell you all that Oudin would not get to the 3rd round. She was near tears last evening. She did not deserve the hype nor the pressure the media placed on her at all. Anyway, she outside of the top 70 now. It’s a shame, there is talent there but there needs to be effort and more work put in to get far. Perhaps now, more deserving people would get the hype they need to propel in the sport.

In the Day time attire...

Dot...but I am suppose to win here...I'm an American at the US Open. The Media said I am good...

As for the men well by now I know you have heard that Mr. Brooklyn Decker is out of the tournament. Having lost to Jarrko Tipsaervic again at a major 3-6 7-5 6-3 7-6. He has had a decent year but it is the mental fortitude that I have been doubting. That match against Mr. Federer last year Wimbledon really has sent him on a downward spiral. It is really really unfortunate but the Open shall go on.

It was my pinky that was stopping me from playing my A game

Do you hear the clock ticking for American Tennis?

Despite the top American going out, three others made up the slack. Green Giant John Isner, The Grinch in Sam Querry and new man on tour Ryan Harrison who beat veteran Ivan Ljubicic all made it to the 2nd round. Now Harrison would be given all the same hype as Oudin got last year if he wins his 2nd round match, which inevitable means that the American media would killed yet another promising young talent in tennis. Lochness Monster who has not garnered much attention this major quietly took out his opponent 6-3 6-2 6-2. There was another upset yesterday as 7th seeded Tomas Berdych, Wimbledon finalist went out passively against Michel Llodra of France. I told you he would be done for. It is a shame because it is time these alleged young guns step up to the plate. Other winners include Nicolas Almagro, Stanislas Wawrinka, Mikhail Youzhny, Beetlejuice, Juan Ignacio Chela and Gilles Simon who took out Donald Young of the US. Dustin Brown of Jamaica though he was born and raised in Germany but we would “Big Up the West Indian posse” also won but unfortunately I am sure he will not get pass the 2nd round as he is up to face the Lochness Monster. At least he would get some TV time.

Dustin Brown of Jamaica Buffalo Soldier....Dreadlock Rasta

Anyway that’s it for now… please enjoy… Tomorrow I promise a full issue…
  1. US Open Advances Rounds as Kim Clijsters to take on Petra Kvitova,Andy Murray will face Dustin Brown.Only williams sister in US Open 2010, Venus Williams wiil be facing Mandy Minella whereas John Isner will face heat from Marco Chiudinelli.Rafael Nadal will take on Denis Istomin.

    Earlier in US Open Andy Roddick makes early exit.Roger Federer advances to 3rd round beating Andreas Beck,also Maria Sharapova beats Iveta Benesova in straight sets.Find out more updates on US Open 2010

    • I don’t mind you linking to your own website but it would be helpful if you up something of substance or in actual response to my post. Anyway, thanks for logging onto my blog…

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