Aussie Open 2011 Update: The Federer X-press Fails to Deliver

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Mr. Federer was coming into this Australian Open with something major to prove. After winning the 2010 Australian Open for his record setting 16th major, he seemed poised to get to perhaps 20 plus titles. His major rival Divadal was looking all sorts of mess. He had lost the 2009 French Open title, failed to play Wimbledon and seemed very much hampered by injury and doubt. However, with the start of the clay court season, Divadal stock went up and Mr. Federer’s went down, way down. He failed to make it to any of the major finals much more win the title and saw his rival become an almost juggernaut in the sport. Mr. Federer hired Paul Annacone, former coach of the legendary Pete Sampras. Before taking on Annacone, Mr. Federer lost in the quarterfinals of the French and Wimbledon. However, when he took on Annac0ne, his game seemed to have picked up but yet again he failed to get to the US Open finals losing to D’Joker Harlequeen.

Mr. Federer and Paul Annacone

Now back to the Australian Open 2011, Mr. Federer came here with much confidence. He was superb in his play after the US Open, beating all the top players along the way. Although he lost to Beetlejuice and Lochness Monster with lackluster play. He started off this year with a win in Doha. However, it was clear from the 2nd round that he was off balance. Mr. Federer is a brilliant tennis player by any stretch of the imagination and he is filled with gifts and tennis resources beyond belief. Nonetheless, his matches here always left you thinking “WTF Fed?” even when the scoresheet says he won convincingly. His shot selections and on court decisions seemed like they were coming from another place or perhaps another planet. It was like watching a Mr. Federer hybrid; it’s efficient but it’s just not as good nor fast as the old gas guzzler. Mr. Federer working with his C game here in Australia nevertheless made it to the semifinals to play D’Joker. You figured that he knew that his game had to be par excellence especially since D’Joker demolished Tomas “Lurch” Berdych in the quarterfinals. Mr. Federer might have had designs on defending his title but today the Federer Express had a breakdown in the middle of nowhere and all distress signals went unanswered.

Where am I?? Who am I?? What am I??

I have seen D’Joker played since he came on tour. I am not a fan…of him as a person. I think he is brash, rude, uncouth in many ways with a spoilt child mentality not to mention a touch of the gay. Actual, make that a closet case but we not here for that. Nevertheless, he is a very good tennis player. As a matter of fact, had he played in a bygone era where Mr. Federer and Divadal did not exist, Novak Djokovic’s name would have been spoken with the same reverence as Rod Laver, Pete Sampras, Bjorn Borg, Andre Agassi, John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, Matts Wilander and the likes. I would be lying if I did not say that he can play. He is stubborn, unapologetic, and willful, characteristics that I myself am known for. Couple of years ago, he changed racquets, as a matter of fact, I think he did after he won the 2008 Aussie Open. Many criticized and he suffered further scorn when he started to fiddle with his service motion. I never criticized him for that as I frankly did not care, his losses were Mr. Federer’s gain. However, come 2010, he beat Mr. Federer at the US Open and began to step up his game. He brought his country to Davis Cup victory for the first time and he has been swimming in confidence ever since. In a manner of speaking, he silenced his critics doing it his way and you have to give him credit for that.

Cover gurl! Put that bass in your walk...Head to toe! Let your whole body talk

Harlequeen I say No No No No No. Novak can you handle this? I don't think you can handle this! Don't be jealous of my boogie cause my body too bootylicious for ya!

Today in his match against Mr. Federer, it was evident. D’Joker was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. It takes a lot to stop the Federer Express and today he expired the Swiss champion. He made him look like a fossil from an X-tinct era. The match started on even-keel in the first set. They were both coming up with brilliant shots and holding serve. Mr. Federer had a tiny chance to do something at 4-4 when D’Joker was serving but the Serb shut that down quickly. It is here that things got interesting for me because Mr. Federer became passive. I have long spoken about how I think Mr. Federer too can be quite rude and disgruntled on court, with the sort of attitude as if he is owed the match. He has a certain sense of entitlement. He allows himself to buy into his own hype. Anyway, things got to the tiebreaker and yet again he played loose shots and D’Joker was all to happy to take the points and the set 7-6.


With the hiring of Annacone, it was suppose to make Mr. Federer more aggressive on break point chances and fix his backhand, which he always sliced causing it to get into the strike zone of the big hitters. However, I have been vocal since the American has been named coach because I do not think that he is a right fit for Mr. Federer. Of all the things that you know of Pete Sampras, was he known for his return game or his backhand? I rest my case. I am not saying that Pete did not have a good game. However, Pete and Mr. Federer have totally different games and whatever Annacone may have brought to Pete’s repertoire, I doubt it if he can help the Federer model. With Annacone, I am seeing Mr. Federer not even able to get those chances because he is making stupid errors; being too defensive or going for too much. He just never seem to be right at all. When he is winning, it seems, he is playing his brand of tennis not that of someone else.

Heyyyyyy. Remember me. I am gonna kick your @$$ today

Anyway, so in the 2nd set, Mr. Federer went up 5-2 adding that mix of defense and offense that he is known for. He was down an early break but won 4 straight games. However, at that point, it looked like I was watching Yugi-Oh or something where players can only do one thing at a time, you are either attacking your opponent or defending yourself but you cannot do both. Mr. Federer lost that winning strategy of his where he took defense and made it offense and knew when to go for his shots. He never got it together to make things really interesting.  He served for the set 5-3 but lost his serve and his way. He lost 5 straight games to the Serb. The Serb was now up 2 sets. Now I have to gave D’Joker Harlequeen his due, he played brilliantly. He had his moments and antics in the second set but when he saw that Mr. Federer was off, he seized the moment and did not let go. He had a raucous support band in the crowd whereas Mr. Federer could not give his Australian fans and this fanz anything to cheer about. I soon realized that Mr. Federer was not coming back from this journey. The wheels of his trains were coming off. He failed to play that aggressive baseline game he is known for. He kept losing the rallies, his backhand was flying all over the place, his forehand was being outmatched by his opponent who kept him pinned way behind the baseline. Most notably, his service game was horrendous in the second and third sets. He was having trouble getting his first serves in. Every brilliant play Mr. Federer came up with, D’Joker had a better answer and in the end was clearly the better man with a 7-6 7-5 6-4 victory. I congratulate, D’Joker Harlequeen in his victory and wish him the title on Sunday.

Mr. Federer has a lot of work to do. He really needs to look at tapes of this match and other matches and re-work his game.

Go home and play with your kids. You need new inspiration and a new sensation and gurl you definitely need a new hair do. No wonder you were all sorts of mess out there! Look at that nest!



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