Quick French Open 2011 Update

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Now we are way way way behind but I am really trying to focus on the blog. Anyway I am going to make it up to you all soon enough. Anyway I think I might as well give you an update. Oh there is a Facebook page as well 

For the ladies

Li Na/Na Li is on the hunt for her first major and will need to dispatch of a certain noisy Russian first

Tweety Bird has heart, grit and determination and could very well win her first French Open title for the career slam

Much to my chagrin Shriekapova is still in it and could potentially win a career slam. She totally dismantled Andrea Petkovic 6-0 6-3. That German sank like a U-boat. See what I am talking about with these young guns merely shooting bullets. By the time most of you read this, she will be playing Li Na/Na Li for a place in the finals. They are up in the first semis. I am strongly behind the Chinese as she took out my other favourite Azarenka in straight sets yesterday 7-5 6-2. Li has been knocking at the door to win her first major and this is an excellent opportunity as Mommie Dearest and the Serenanator are not around.

French Baguette vs Italian Guido

In the other ladies semi Schiabone, her real name is Schiavone (Ski-a-vo-knee) so Schiabone is (Ski-a-bo-knee) anyway the Italiano will play La petite grosse Bartoli. I told you not to sleep on her. Bartoli is looking to be the first French woman since Mary Pierce who really wasn’t French, to win in 2000. Meanwhile Schiabone wants to repeat as champion. And again, it will be veterans on the WTA contending for the title and none of the new guns for hire. Anyway, I am pulling for Li and Bartoli. It will be nice for either of them to win their first title. I know Bartoli will be happy to win so that her and her daddy CRAZY techniques can be vindicated.
For the menz…

Divadal is most happy with his game once again and will be looking for French title number 6

As the top four ladies are out so the top for men remain. The top four seeds advanced to the French Open semis Divadal, number 1 totally vanquished Robin Hood yet again at the French making it known that his inexplicable lost to him in 2009 was a mere anomaly 6-4 6-1 7-6. Divadal has seemingly fine tuned his game and is back to old Divadal, Queen of Clay.

Lochness Monster is still lurking around

He will take on Lochness Monster number 4 who I thought would have had a tougher time against Juan Ignacio Chela aka Chin Chela but he got through relatively easy considering that he almost lost in the Round of 16 against Troicki who was up 2 sets and a break. Interestingly enough, Lochness has never been in a clay court tournament finals and has no title on the surface. Can he win the big one as his first? In the other match up, the more highly anticipated event, Mr. Federer, number 3 takes on D’Joker, number 2 who was already in the semis since Sunday as his quarterfinals opponent pulled out. Mr. Federer took out that beast of a Beetlejuice in straight sets.

Can Mr. Federer make himself legitimate again with a French victory this Sunday?

Take notice Batman, D'Joker is taking over Gotham City. He will be playing for his first French Open title, Number 1 ranking and supreme dominance

If D’Joker gets to the finals, he is number 1 no matter what Divadal or anyone else does. You know I am hoping for a Mr. Federer victory all the way ie beat D’Joker and then beat Divadal, I would be the happiest tennis commentator in the world. But alas I know that would be a very very very tall order. He does possess the necessary skills though. Anyway, the menz draw is hot hot ticket right now and I encourage to watch the matches this weekend. Finals start 9:00 a.m. Sat and Sun most likely on NBC. There is no real analysis to give you because I really believe it is anyone’s to win and/or lose. They are all exceptional and vulnerable players. They know each others’ games very very well so it will be very interesting to see to sit with the trophy come Sunday.
I will try to be on track as soon as possible and Monday expect the usual final day flourish Bonanza issue
  1. Divadal: Queen of Clay… HAHAHAHA!!!!! I couldn’t believe just how apt a descriptor of Mr. Nadal that is considering of just how you love to shame the devil by telling the truth of his sexuality. I think that it can be the title of his autobiography!! Wait, scratch that. His unauthorized autobiography by Kitty Kelley (celebrity biographer whose most recent blockbuster was the Oprah biography) should have that title since we call know that he won’t ever write a book that discuss his sexuality with such frankness.
    P.S. The background to the blog is quite lovely but sometimes it obscures portions of the narrative. This is only an issue when I view the blog from a desktop. I like that you’ve come back to blogging! Especially since you don’t have cable anymore and are forced to break an untold number of laws in your effort to bring the best analysis of players and plays both on and off the tennis court! You are a fan in the true sense of the word and nothing gets in your way. Keep on playa!

  2. WOW someone was getting all into their response today. Thank you for responding. You know I appreciate it very much especially when it is a response that reflects that one actually read the posting. Well you know how I does done do it with the commenting. I have to put that Literature degree to work somehow. Yes haters I know there are grammatical errors. Simply read with sense and not the nonsense okay. Anyway, interestingly enough I actually know who Kitty Kelley is. As for the background, I try to reflect the major we are in. I do not think the background is the real issue but more so the font and type setting. If I were pay for the space, I would be able to fix all of that quite neatly. So please bear with “us” during these poverty stricken times. Cablevision and its bullshit money grubbing policies will not hold me back from enjoying tennis.

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