Mr. Federer is one set from the French Open finalz

In Andy Murray, French Open, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer on June 3, 2011 at 2:07 pm

Mr. Federer seems to be in his comfort zone

Mr. Federer finds himself up 7-6 6-3 against the unbeaten D’Joker who has won 43 matches thus far this year prior to this match. Of those 43, he has beaten Mr. Federer in three. Now his streak seems on the verge of ending.  D’Joker has actually won 43 consecutive matches but only 41 this year.  The two from last year were Davis Cup victories. His last lost was to Mr. Federer at the ATP Master Cup, which Mr. Federer won over Divadal. Nonetheless, he has won 41 consecutive matches and has yet to lose. This could be it with Mr. Federer again being the victor.

Cool off cool off! I say to cool off cool off!

Were D’Joker to win today, he will be the number one player in the world come Monday. However, with a lost he goes back to the repechage and try to wrestle the number one spot from Divadal at Wimbledon. Mr. Federer has never lost a match at the majors after being up 2 sets to love in 174 five set matches he has played. However that stat means bulls against the likes of D’Joker who I am sure will be gunning for a comeback. Can Mr. Federer pull off this feat which all including himself has failed to do prior. Can he take on D’Joker and still have enough energy to defeat Divadal in the finalz on Sunday? Mr. Federer has not been in a major finalz for over a year. Last time was 2010 Australian Open finalz when he beat Lochness Monster. You know I am all filled with excitement for this match because I am squarely behind Mr. Federer all the way.


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