Li Na/Na Li Wins her First Major at the French

In Francesca Schiavone, French Open, Li Na, Na Li on June 4, 2011 at 11:45 am

LiNaLi won her first major en Français

With a steady heart, mind and game, LiNaLi won her first ever major over defending major Francesco Schiabone 6-4 7-6 (0). Having never won a clay court ever in her career, the 29-year-old Chinese player went from zero to hero winning the biggest clay court title, the 2011 Roland Garros women’s singles title. LiNaLi took an early lead in the first set and was as steady as a rock, hitting winners especially with that massive forehand. Schiabone did not have an answer and soon found herself a break down and losing the set 4-6.

The Italian was looking more like baked ziti out on court than defending champion

Things did not start well for Schiabone in the second set as she was broken and soon found herself down a set and a break with Li 2 games away from the match 4-2. However, the Italian is aggressive and never goes out quietly in the night. Na Li had several opportunities to go up a double break but the Italian steadied the ship and soon it was 4-4 in the second. One sensed that Schiabone was going to make a comeback like in two previous matches. Next it was 5-4 Schiabone and Li had to serve to stay in the set.

The Italian was making a comeback

However, LiNaLi was not going to let this match slip away from her. She was up in the Australian Open against Mommie Dearest and she lost that one but this was not going to happen. Li won to tied it at five games all and now. Schiabone won her game and was up 6-5 with Li serving again to stay in the set. However, the Italian allowed a call, which she thought was out to sidetrack her from her mission and from then on, never won a single point. She lost the last 9 points of the match. That’s right, she did not win a single point in the tie-break 0-7. With that Li won her first major.

The necessary fall to the floor diva moment....I WON! I WON! I can't believe it

I am so so so happy. You know I have been backing her or Azarenka. Since Li took out Azarenka, I was all for her. Hopefully tomorrow I can double up with a great French Open with a Mr. Federer win. Mr. Federer we here at RTFN are STRONGLY behind you.

  1. Ms. Schiavone has a really nice head of hair. I’m digging her hairstyle as well. But peach is not her color. And do all the ladies have horrid tab lines like LiNaLi? *Shudder*

    It sounds like a very well earned win. And I can’t wait to see the Battle of Queens tomorrow : )

  2. I thought Schiabone was wearing pink. That is not a hairstyle at all. That’s a hair cut from the barber. Anyway, I am guessing you mean tan line and not tab line and everyone has it, men and women. You should see the tan lines for their feet; it looks like they are wearing some weird mess socks. Yes tomorrow is going to be a battle. You know I am pulling for Mr. Federer.

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