Divadal vs Mr. Federer part 25

In French Open, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer on June 5, 2011 at 9:59 am

Divadal vs Mr. Federer

They have a combined 25 majors. Mr. Federer has 16 and Divadal has 9. They have met 24 times with Divadal holding a 16-8 record of which he has beaten his Swiss opponent 11-13 times on clay. Divadal has 5 French Open titles to Mr. Federer’s one. They have played at Roland Garros 4 previous times and Divadal has won them all losing only 3 of 15 sets they have played. Truth be told, the last time they played at Roland Garros, Mr. Federer only won 4 games 1-6 3-6 0-6. As a matter of fact, according to a EuroSport commentator, Mr. Federer has had 31 break point chances and only won 5. To say that Divadal is in command of this rivalry is really an understatement. Divadal has made Mr. Federer look mortal if not amateur at times, Yet today when they face each other for a chance of further cementing their place in the record books, all those numbers, the history and they rivalry go out the window. The most important number will who will be the first to win 3 sets. Nothing will be taken for granted and nothing but the absolutely best tennis will be required to win. Nonetheless, what is absolutely certain is that today will be a GREAT DAY OF TENNIS especially for REALZ FANZ.

  1. Federer will be again no1, he is complete player, i love him.


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