Mr. Divadal is the undisputed Queen of all Clay

In French Open, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Tennis on June 5, 2011 at 2:06 pm

Mr. Divadal with his 6th French Open title

Before the start of this tournament and just after Mr. Divadal’s first match, I made a promise to myself; if Divadal wins this French Open, he would earn my undying admiration though not my adoration. And today, I will keep my promise. Divadal beat Mr. Federer once again to win his record-tying 6th Roland Garros title 7-5 7-6 5-7 6-1. Therefore, I will refer to Divadal as Mr. Divadal because he has proven himself a great great champion. This match up was filled with anticipation and huge expectation but it turned out to be as always Mr. Divadal holding court as the Queen of Clay. Like great monarchs of the past, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, Catherine the Great and of course the flair of Marie Antoinette, Mr. Divadal never waived from his ability and confidence. He stared possible defeat in the face and fought back. Despite the rare losses on clay to the mighty D’Joker D’Juggernaut, he persevered and kept at it. He left nothing on the court today, left nothing to chance, he took the opportunities that were presented to him and now he has won his 10th major. I congratulate you Mr. Divadal and just in case you did not think we here at RTF do not respect you, we boldly proclaim you ONE OF THE VERY BEST.

You deserve this moment and to be as divalicious as you want

As for Mr. Federer….well, it would be so easy for me to get on his case and pour on the haterade. However, today I am going implore sympathy and empathy. It was a tough loss and as a fellow Leo, I understand how much regret is killing you right now. You played one of the best…the absolute best on clay. I doubt the outcome would have been different….perhaps the scoreline. You had a chance; you had chances but you did not take them. Though often quite prodigious on court Mr. Federer, today, you were quite the prodigal player. I congratulate you for re-cementing yourself at the top of the game. However, do note that you are still lagging behind. There is work to be done. Do not become a footnote in history. You deserve much more. Wimbledon is coming up and you will need to bring your best to lift that trophy again. Because NO ONE REMEMBERS SECOND PLACE!

Another 2nd place plate. No one drinks champagne out of a plate. You need to hold that cup again.

  1. Darn it!!! I was so bummed to read that Divadal won RG but it looks like a well deserved victory. I truly commend the Editor in giving Mr. Divadal the praise he deserves. Winning the French Open six times can’t be explained away as coincidences or flukes. Maybe one or two but NEVER six. The Swiss Miss will have to remain a bridesmaid this time around still but there is ALWAYS next year. But until then, all hail this year’s RG bride and the true Queen of Clay, Mr. Divadal!!

    • Yeah, there are so few Mr. Federer fanz in these parts but Mr. Divadal deserved the win. I have yet to collect fully my thoughts for the Bonanza post. But it is coming soon.

  2. Hey when are we to expect the big newsletter that you promised would be ready by Wednesday? Your fanz eagerly await to read all the juicy gossip. Please post it soon!!!

    One of the Fanz

  3. Yeah I am posting it soon….having a bit of writer’s block. I got the Photo show ready but I need to write a nice send off about the championships and I am unsure as to how I really feel about it.

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