So its a Diva vs a Queen

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Divadal vs Harlequeen

So it may seems that the men’s finals came down to the Diva against  D’Queen; Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic (Those names seem so foreign to me as I hardly ever use them). There had been much talk about who will end up in the Wimbledon finals and for a while it seemed that it was almost anyone’s game. True, no one really suspected that a finalist would be someone other than the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse (Divadal, D’Joker, Mr. Federer and Lochness Monster) but the real question was who would it be. Nevertheless, the top two seeds battle their way into the final and does it ever promise to be a great great match. And right now, all other bylines prior to this match up regarding the men’s game seemed mere distractions for if we were being totally honest with ourselves, this was the finalz we really wanted to see. (I know I do love me some Mr. Federer but him winning titles is not a guarantee these days. Big match play seems to be beyond his limit right now but anyway, we not here for that at all.) Make no mistake, this match is not about ranking points and positions because come Monday morning, whatever the result of the final, D’Joker Harlequeen will see himself as the Number 1 player in the world; only the 1st person to surpass either Divadal or Mr. Federer in like 7 or so years. This match is about bragging rights. Will Divadal get to say, “You may be #1 but I just owned your @$$, deal with that!” or will D’Joker shout,  “I took your ranking, your title, your fame and if you don’t watch yourself, I will take your gurl!”

The tale of the tape. Divadal has a 16-11 edge over D'Joker BUT

World Tour Masters Indian Wells:DJOKOVIC 4-6, 6-3, 6-2
ATP World Tour Masters Miami:DJOKOVIC 4-6, 6-3, 7-6(4)
ATP World Tour Masters Madrid:DJOKOVIC 7-5, 6-4
ATP World Tour Masters Rome:DJOKOVIC 6-4, 6-4

All year long, Divadal has been runner up and the Queen has been more than able to perform her duties

It is these last four matches that has really spoken volumes and has taken tomorrow match up to fever pitch intensity. They have not met in a grand slam final since last year US Open when Divadal won his first title in Flushing Meadows in 4 sets. D’Joker was tired after a tough match against Mr. Federer. However, if there is one thing we have seen about D”Joker is that he corrects his mistakes. Remember in 2007 US Open final, Mr. Federer beat his @$$, well come January in Melbourne, D’Joker stopped the Mr. Federer streak to the major finals and went on to win his first major title. Divadal fans can say whatever they want, I am picking the Harlequeen because he will not let this opportunity slip. The pressure of being unbeatable is off when he lost to Mr. Federer in Paris last month, but he has remained in the zone. His defensive skills are incredible and he is not allowing himself to get too flustered on the court. Yes there are his usual antics of smashing racquets but that just seem to fuel him as he figures what he needs to do to win on the court and get it done.

I am 1 and don't you forget it

However, make no mistake about it, I am not writing off Mr. Divadal. He is an incredible player. He has surpassed expectations and set new limits. He has raised the level of the game itself even higher than the standards that Mr. Federer has set. Mr. Divadal has shown that winning the match is far more important than pretty shots. He is almost invincible at majors and he never ever ever goes quietly into the night. He makes little errors and one can never afford to waste break opportunities against him. Just ask Mr. Federer, had he taken half of those chances he had against Mr. Divadal, he would have been at 23 majors for sure by now. Divadal has won 20 straight matches here at Wimbledon and looking for a three-peat of sorts. D’Joker has to come with an A+ game that must hold up through the entire match. Any signs of waiver, Divadal will pounce and be all over that like a fat gurl at a BBQ.

Divadal is ready to jump for joy for a 3rd Wimbledon title

I am not going to lie, you know I want D’Joker Harlequeen to win, if for nothing else but to shut up the Divadal fans contingents. They get on my bloody nerves all the time. They make all manner of excuses for the Divadal whenever he loses but I know this match if and hopefully when he loses, they will have to shut their mouth. And you know how much Divadal gets on my nerves with his fake injuries. He better not try any of that shite on Center Court tomorrow because I will be demanding an inquiry into that by the ATP. I am happy that D’Joker Harlequeen is coming along nice on the tour just at the right time when Mr. Federer is getting ready for a grand exit. Not to worry I am not jumping on the D’Joker bandwagon. I am very loyal to my peeps. However, you know that I always hate judiciously and right now, D’Joker Harlequeen deserves a lil less hateration from me. Anyway, there is no need for hateration from my fanz and for us to be fighting over tennis because at the end of the day, the players all go back to the locker room together for a lil off court action and we are never invited much to my chagrin 🙂

Endless love on the ATP

The ladies trading beauty secret tips. Gurl, I like to put on two coats of mascara to make my eyes pop. Don't that make your eyes look huge...Nah not at all...your eyes are on fire...

  1. u r very bias…why is it that federer is mr federer n everone else has a deragotory name…Djoko is not going to win tomorrow so get off ur high horse. Nadal’s injuries have all been legit (one can look at the past and see that he has been off of the tour for long periods of time aftere citing injuries). considering that a few months ago u had no good words for djoko i am surprised at your change of tongue now. i hope nadal dismantles djokovic to shut up all the turncoats n bandwagon jumpers like u

    • Mr. Brown, I am not bias and there is a reason why Mr. Federer is Mr. Federer. I advise you to go through the archives and check out this lil posting, I think it will clarify the matter. It is more cheeky than you think. Would you prefer that I call Mr. Federer, Federror? I am not on any high horse. As a matter of fact, I don’t even like animals. I do give credit to Divadal. He can easily win tomorrow. I think the match is even. Grass is neither of their favorite surface, they are great defensive players, good groundstrokes, Divadal the forehand, D’Joker the backhand, even on serving capabilities. I mean the difference between the two tomorrow will be slight. I am sure I hinted at all this in the posting.

      As for his injuries being all legit, give me a break. Seriously?? I am not even going to bring this up because history has vindicated me with his many “injury time outs etc” Anyway I am not on any D’Joker bandwagon. I am a hater but I hate judiciously. D’Joker Harlequeen has made some of the most incredible consistent tennis sense on the tour ever. That is a fact and beyond reproach. I wish it were Mr. Federer or Federror for you in the final but D’Joker and Divadal are the ones winning the matches not Mr. Federer. I do not know what more you want me to say about the matter. I have to pick one person and I picked D’Joker. I just care that he wins so that Divadal’s fans can relax. You all are getting a bit much now. But either way, the better man will win tomorrow and that’s a fact.

  2. I kinda am pulling for Divadal for this final. It’s really only because he’s the devil that I know. I have nothing against Harlequeen other than his fits of temper. But let’s face it, there’s a lot of anguish associated with having great talent so I’ll let this one go. Call me a traitor but Mr. Divadal needs to WERK on center court and show that he’s CoverGurl marterial!

    P.S. This fanz is also sad about not getting an invite into the locker room for the “off the court action.

    • See I have to support D’Joker because it seems everyone loves Divadal. I do not know, there is just something about him that people seem attracted to. Sometimes I get the impression that people think he is some lost/stray animal that needs a home. He does give off that sorta impression with those eyes. However, Divadal or should I say Mr. Divadal because Mr. Brown up there is saying that I am being disrespectful. I mean come on…I make no bones as to who I like and who I do not like. AND I also be hating on my peeps when they deserve. I mean I be calling out Venus as a Crackhead for the longest while..but anyway, we not here for that…The point is that Mr. Divadal is as friendly and cuddly as a hungry stray tiger. No matter who Divadal is playing, I always find that everyone seem to root for him. I don’t know if it is his booty or what, but they think he is just the cat’s meow. Anyway, I would have really liked for it to be Baby Ali winning the title in order to get some new blood up in there. I mean Mr. Divadal and Mr. Federer won the last 21 of 24 majors and with D’Joker winning 2 of the other 3, that leaves Beast Boy as the lone other winner. That means in the past 6 years only 4 men have won major titles. Only 4! That’s simply incredible but time for some new winners to make things a bit more interesting. But in the mean time, I am backing D’Joker.

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