All Hail the D’Joker Harlequeen of the Wimbledon Court

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That right itches...I am #1 and Wimbledon is mine

Well I called it as soon as the match was called and the match did not disappoint in the least. Novak Djokovic, more popularly known as D’Joker Harlequeen in these parts has shown himself to be the most dominant player on tour this year. He literally owns Rafael Nadal aka Divadal’s @$$. This is the 5th straight finals they have met and D’Joker just simply destroyed him on court with a 6-4 6-1 1-6 6-3 victory at Wimbledon. Divadal has to go back to the drawing board because he has no real game plan for the Serb. D’joker has now solidly taken himself out from behind the shadows of two of the best the game has ever seen and whether you hate D’Joker, you have to given him MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR Props for the effort he has put in this year. This is his first Wimbledon and he showed himself to be more than ready for any challenge thrown at him. It is now July and the man has only lost one match he is 48-1

Divadal was losing more than points out there... I think he was losing his hair as well

The match started out and it seemed that Divadal was in every point. He was playing extremely aggressive and put the D’Joker on the defense for the first part of the 1st set. However, D’Joker was coming up with the money shots when needed and he raced to a 5-4 lead with Divadal serving to stay in the set. For a minute, it looked like things were going to go to a possible tie breaker as Divadal was up 30-0. D’Joker showing a deft hand and amazing pickpocketing skill as the criminal he is, stole the game winning 4 straight points and earned himself the set 6-4.

It was a bad hair day for Mr. Divadal amongst other things

Things did not improve in the 2nd set as he went down an early break and was broken again at 4-1 to see D’Joker serve for the set, winning it 6-1. He took that set in 33 minutes. Surely the Spaniard was not going to go so quietly into the night. It had been 2 sets of tennis had he had zero break point chances and was unable to even take any of D’Joker’s service game to deuce. Divadal was being outplayed, outmatched and outwitted on court.

D'Joker was handing out a royal punishment to the Divadal

Oh yes people, D’Joker was ready for his coronation on court. He was on like a boil corn and Divadal was blowing in the winds. He was being dismantled. But this is Divadal we are talking about and he was not going to go off this court he has made his home quite so easily. He has made it to 5 straight finals here at Wimbledon 06, 07, 08, 10, and 11 and there is a reason why that was the case. He came roaring back with some magnificent play and D’Joker was looking like Batman had showed up courtside. He was all out of sorts. He was donating break points and break chances to the Spaniard and soon saw the 3rd set gone 1-6. We knew it was not going to be easy for the Serb and we knew that Divadal is a dangerous player. Like a shark in the ocean, any hint of blood and he moves in for the kill.

We are taking this one to a 5th set

D’Joker sensing that things will soon be unraveling for him, broke the Spaniard early but was broken again to be on serve. Divadal was pressing the issue but D’Joker seemed to be biding his time. In the 7th game, he held serve at love and was up 4-3 and Divadal winked. He second guessed himself and D’Joker was all over that 8th game like white on rice with triple break points. Despite being able to save one, D’Joker was now up 5-3 and serving for the match. It was 30-15 and Divadal made it 30-30. It was pressure beyond belief. D’Joker was two points from the match and then he came up with a lovely serve and volley play to earn himself Championship point. Then Divadal hit the ball long and wide and D’Joker had his first Wimbledon and over the reigning champion as well. 6-4 6-1 1-6 6-3, making it 5 straight finals he has demolished the Spaniard and all in convincing fashion.

The ever popular fall to the court diva move...though very unqueen-like but dramatically effective

WTF?? You eating the grass too?? Now that is a bit much for winner's delight. Not with you there with this one at all

It has been a long time since Divadal has been given a runner up trophy at a major and he is not pleased

All hail the Queen...D'Joker Harlequeen. Congratulations Novak! You have done extremely well

  1. All hail the Queen indeed. The Cover Gurl, AKA Mr. Divadal, just seemed to clock out of WERK other than for the third set. I suspect Harlequeen is in his head much in the same way he is in Mr. Federer’s. The Swiss Miss must have loved watching Nadal getting dismantled. Onwards we go to the USO!!

    • I am sure Mr. Federror did indeed like that especially knowing that he is the only one who has beaten D’Joker. However, I know he is more in pain as he has not won a major finals or even come close to winning in over a year and a half. So he should more so be concentrating on getting Divadal out of his head.

  2. And Cover Gurl needs to do something with his hair. Deforestation is at hand on top of his head! He should just cut it short or at least get Andre Agassi on the phone to find out how to make a homemade weave he can wear for next time : )

  3. I think he should do extension but his head gets all too sweaty. So a weave is no go for him. I think he should put his hair in cornrows and add some hair to it to give it some fullness.

  4. Great text, great photos and GREAT NEW CHAMPION for the world of ATP.
    The king is dead, long live the king!

    Go Noleeeeee.

    • How can the king be dead and then long live the king… I think you mean, long live the Harlequeen. Yeah I am happy with the win because it sorta shake things up at the top of men’s game. Hopefully it inspires other men to play better and cause some trouble up at the top.

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