Day 4 at the US Open 2011

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It seems that I can’t help being late with these posting for the blog at every major competition. Every major championship, I run my body to the ground with work, gym and staying up late to either watch matches or work on commentary for the blog.

I need sleep so badly!!

Notwithstanding that currently the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) World Championships in Degu, South Korea is taking place right now so I am staying up to watch those championships as well. I have to admit that I love track and field. I must to confess that I am currently suffering from diabetes of the eye because of high consumption of eye candy on screen. I swear I am badly in need of ocular insulin as I am close to going into a coma.

I can feel the cavities forming on on my eyes as we speak

Anyway, I am digressing and we need to catch up with Day 4 action on the court. Action on the Arthur Ashe court was merely a tennis clinic on both the ladies and men’s draws as the top players schooled their lesser opponents on the art of a good ole fashion beat down. In the case of the ladies, 3 matches were played meaning 6 players and 6 sets of tennis. There were 3 winners who won a combined 36 games where as their 3 adversaries won altogether 5 games. YES, 5 the number between 4 and 6. Francesco Schiabone got things on the way with a romping of Marijana Lucic of Croatia 6-1 6-1. Next up the Serenanator demolished Dutch Michaella Krajicek 6-0 6-1. If the name Krajicek sounds familiar to you tennis fanz, well she is the half sister of 1996 Wimbledon Champ Richard Krajicek. Danish Biscuit not to be felt out of the fight fest took out another Dutch opponent Arantxa Rux 6-2 6-0. These women are all in form and definitely looking to claim the title come next week Saturday night.

You think you ready for me? Come and smell what the Serenanator is cooking?

Other winners include Jelena Five head Jankovic who beat another Jelena in the form of Jelena Dokic in straight sets. Dokic has yet to recapture that massive potential she had in 98 when she made it to the Wimbledon semis after beating defending champion Martina Hingis 1st round. Or perhaps it is time that we actually say she was never really that good to begin with and simply enjoyed a wonderful tournament. Albeit that it must be said that she has had a lot of off court distraction, which definitely affected her play. If the old adage is true that one had to strike when the iron is hot, then Ms. Dokic, your iron has long run cold. As we are dealing with Serbs, it should be mentioned that Ana Ivanovic aka Ivanovic the Terrible has made it through to the 3rd round when her opponent defaulted from the tournament and handed the Serb a ticket to the 3rd round, something she has been finding it incredibly hard to do since winning the French Open in 2008.

Petkovic pounding her chest giving the warrior cry

Andrea Petkovic, though German, has a Serbian father, also found herself in the 3rd round but faced a tough match from China’s Jie Zheng. Zheng was blazing the court for a set and a half. Despite her diminutive size, she was blasting winners from every angle and forcing the errors from the German. However, Petkovic got her act together and soon battled her way back into the match taking it in 3 sets. She can be a very dangerous floater and she will join Kuzi-Rex and Carlo Suarez-Narravo aka Lady Hobbit from Spin in the 3rd round.

Vania KIng aka Saw Clown. (WTF up with your eyes? THey are kinda freaking me out!)

Two Americans made it big yesterday as well, Vania King and Slaone Stephens defeated higher seeded opponents in straight sets and gave the US something to scream about. Stephens showed true grit as she took out Shahar Peer (23) of Israel. I have to say that Peer was not playing up to her true potential and allowed herself to succumb to the moment as the crowd was all cheering for the American Stephens. I have actually seen Stephens play in real person several years ago at the Madison Square Garden. She has some ways to go before she can contend for titles but she is definitely heading in the right direction. Vania King totally annihilated Jarmila Gajdasova (Guydasova) the 29th seed if I am not mistaken.

Sloane Stephens of the USA

With the Serenantor, King and Stephens win, they join Christina McHale and Irina Falconi in the 3rd round giving the US 5 females in the round of 32. This is really good news for the USTA as they have been dying for some really talent prospect waiting in the wings for the post Williams’ sisters era. Nevertheless, in regards to this young crop of talent, I doubt it very much if any of them are going past the 3rd round and the Serenanator will be facing the 4th seed Victoria Azarenka who dispatched of Argentine Gisela Dulko in order to get to the 3rd round; a match worthy of the finals. Shame it had to be so early and you know what? I will be watching that match live on Saturday in Arthur Ashe Stadium….YIPEE…

See you on Saturday. You're my special guest RTF and you'll get exclusive coverage and interviews

On the men’s side, Mr. Federer schooled his Israeli’s opponent, Dudi Sela who needed a parting-of-the-Red-Sea-with-a-staff-epic-size miracle in order to upset the Swiss. Mr. Federer took him out dropping just 7 games if I am not mistaken. However, who was even more impressive was D’Juggernaut who took Berlocg 6-0 6-0 6-2. It was a lesson in sports cruelty. I mean the guy on was Arthur Ashe stadium prime time and Harlequeen was just embarrassing him as if he has slapped his girlfriend or something. While we are on the subject of D’Joker, I should mention it that D’Joker has just been named UNICEF or UN Ambassador for Serbian children. Considering Serbia’s recent past, it is a great thing that Novak is stepping up to help his country’s youth move forward to a peaceful future. I mean I give him a lot of hateration but he does step up at times and he is fiercely loyal to his Serbs.

Berlocq was beaten like a stepchild

Anyway in other men’s matches, Mardy Fish is showing fine form as he won his 2nd round match and so is Tomas Berdych who just demolished Fabio Fognini 7-5 6-0 6-0. Baby Ali also looked great when he took on Sergei Bubka who is the son of the famous Sergei Bubka, 1988 Olympic pole vault champion and current world record holder. However, Bubka Jr, would have needed a pole vault in order to get over the Frenchman and simply went to the locker room to collect his 2nd round cheque as he was out of the tournament.

Baby Ali is all smiles and dancing so far at the US Open

Nikolay Davydenko, Tabasco Verdasco, Tommy Haas aka Head and Shoulders, Juan Monaco also won as did Serb Janko Tipsarevic. Marin Cilic destroyed Bernard Tomic 6-1 6-0 6-2. That Cilic forehand is monster and does a lot of damage to his opponent. Ivo Karlovic disrupted Richard Gasquet’s bid to get to the 3rd round as he took him out in 4 sets. Beetlejuice also saw himself booking a flight on that same Air France as Gasquet as he went out in 5 sets to 2003 finalist Juan Carlos Ferrero. Now I of course am not surprised by this result. Ferrero is a good player but Beetlejuice as always wastes a lot of time exerting unnecessary energy on court. I mean, this ghostly terror is at 100% full throttle from the jump and always contorting his body in the most awkward of positions in order to hit shots. I do not like to say this but the bloody guy acts like a complete jackass on court.

I think at times Monfils forget what it is he does for a living, which is to play tennis. WTF is this shot all about? And I bet you he lost it.

He thinks people are laughing with him but they are usually laughing at him. Monfils really executes a good match. He does not construct points well, thinking that his physical abilities will carry him through the day. He has played 24 major events and only made it past the 3rd round 8 of those times. He is too good of a player to be regulated to the bottom heap. I hope one day he realizes his true potential because right about now, I find him to be obnoxious to the nth degree notwithstanding his beauty deficiencies.


Shahar Peer looking smoldering hot in red. Too bad her game parted from her like the Red Sea

A lil scruffy is Ferrero but he can still definitely get it

Oh Donald oh Donald oh Donald

I don't really think she's cute but I guess some people do....Mrs. Harlequeen, Jelena Ristic. What's with those shoulder pads? We are not in the 80's


I don't even know what to tell Francesco anymore because this is just half past ridiculous o' clock. Really?? I thought we spoke about how pink does you no favors. She looks like a rookie drag queen

One of the least ugliest pictures I have seen of him

Kuzi-Rex is not a cutie but I have to give her credit for getting that hair done. It looks really nice today and the outfit isn't so bad at all

Really?? Really?? Just a tad bit too much if you ask me


I have to turn away or else I might turn to stone

Are you seriously the editor of a fashion magazine with this look??

Willie playing with ballz..

Oh baby it's okay. You can beat me on court today but I will deal with you tonight in boudoir. (Phillip to Janko)

When I pull the lever, you squeeze you nipples okay??

Gurl...that cat is about to burst outta the bag. Can't you hear it caterwauling?





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