Australian Open 2012 Day 5

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Well we are into the 3rd round and that means that fewer and fewer matches to talk about. However, that does not mean that the drama does not keep on coming. Before we get into the results, I just want to highlight something. We spoke last time of David Nalbandian of Argentina’s lost to American John Isner. During the match at a very crucial juncture, the chair umpire, Kader Nouni (veteran umpire) overruled a call by the linesjudge who called Isner’s service ace out. Nalbadian did not initially hear the overrule as the crowd was all up in cheers. When Nalbandian realized that he lost the point, he went up to check the mark. He felt that it was indeed out and asked for a challenge. Nouni refused to allow him to challenge the call at that point stating that it was too late. Mind you this is at 8-8 in the 5th set and Nalbandian HAD BREAK POINT on the Isner’s serve, which if he won, he would then serve for the match. The Argentine got mad and protested but Nouni refused to budge.

WTF?? I can't challenge?

Now the rules state that the challenge must be done in a “timely manner” without outside influence in that, your coach and supporters cannot influence you to challenge. Anyway Nalbandian got mad and understandably so. I mean it was a very crucial point and the “delay” was understandable because the lines person had called fault. Nalbandian stopped play, began to argue and had the referee come out on court. Now none of this would eventually matter because once the umpire makes a decision, NEVER have I ever seen the referee reverse the decision of the umpire.

You are telling me that there is nothing to be done out here??

In anger or madness, whatever one wants to call it, Nalbandian would later threw water at an official of the tournament because he eventually lost the match 8-10. Mind you Nalbandian had already almost hit a linesjudge earlier in the match in frustration. He threw his racquet at least twice which rebounded and almost hit the official as well as photographers. NO WARNING was given. He was already displaying signs of volatility throughout the match and NOTHING was done to curb this behavior. Now, I understand his anger. He was right, the call was out AND Nouni refused to allow the challenge not because of time issue BUT because he would have been proven wrong. He had overruled the correct call and did not want to face the possibility of being wrong and that is some major BULLSHITE.  This I think is most unfortunate. Nonetheless, that Nalbandian decided to throw water at an official is highly egregious and uncalled for. He was fined $8000.

Fcuk this shite!!

However, there is no media backlash on Nalbandian. No one is calling for his head, blood or his career and SYMPATHY abounds for his actions all over the place. I have long argued that coverage of this sport has been very bias mainly sexist and racist and this incident adds fuel to my heated perspective. The Serenanator was charged almost $100k eventually for threatening the lines official AND put on two year probation AND suffered media spin. They were all over the place with it and many of them inciting racial remarks and profanity in their take of the story. Recently Mardy Fish carried on like a school yard bully both at the US Open and at the Hopman Cup. Nothing happened to him. Mike Bryan of the fame Bryan Brother legendary doubles team, lost first round with his brother Bob at the 2011 US Open. He went after an official, placed his hands on him and was fined $10k. He placed his bloody hands on the official and paid a measly fine. Apparently much of the details about the incident has been “undisclosed” AND this incident happened off court. The examples are numerous where this level of biasness is handed out favoring the men more so than the women. I do not even want to get started on the issue of “the women making too much noise on court topic” that many people seem to love to talk about. I am not condoning any egregious behaviour from any player no matter if it is one of my favourites. The thing that I am angry about is the unfair nature in their punishments. If you are going to take a lighthanded nature to the issue, make sure it is all across the board. Otherwise, Realz will be all over your face. It is ridiculous that this level of biasness bound and in such a blatantly high degree.

So match ups are not fair and all things are not equal. That much we know in life

Anyway interestingly enough, I just read in the New York Times that so far in the tournament, 19 fines have been handed out and all of them to men. Fernando Verdasco was charged $2K for illegal coaching during his first round match. Is any official watching the Danish Biscuit play any of her matches because that situation might need to be addressed.

But, let’s get to the tennis. This issue makes my blood boils.

Vickie Barcelona continues her quest to win her first major. It looked like things might have been interrupted when she faced Mona Barthel, recent Hobart champion. Barthel looked to have been working her way into the match but Vickie remained cool, calm, collected and bagged the victory in straight sets 6-2 6-4. She still looks impressive to me. Joining her in the 4th round will be Danish Biscuit who looks as though she really believes she can win this title. She took out a formidable opponent in the form of Monica Niculescu also in straight sets 6-2 6-2. Mommie Dearest was equally impressive against Daniela Hepburnova 6-3 6-2 and Radwanska might be a spoiler for some as she too also rolled through.

No tongue okay!

Fivehead Jungle Witch Jankovic played the American Christina McHale who started off very well in the opening two games of the match. I swore McHale had a chance but was I ever wrong. McHale got womanhandled by the Serbian and just won two games 6-2 6-0 for the Serb. Jankovic is a dangerous floater. I have to say that despite a lot of matches being one-sided, the top players are looking stellar, so it will be very interesting to see what happens when they start facing each other in the later rounds. Julia Georges and Benesova also won their matches. LiNaLi having had to wait for a long men’s match to finish, hardly broke a sweat when her opponent Medina-Garrigues hurt her ankle and was forced to pull out of the match. It’s gonna be red hot tennis come next week for sure on the WTA.

Here is the ice you wanted. Now call it quit so I can get home. It's late out here

On the men’s side of the draw, there were no upsets to really speak about and things were pretty on par with the bookmarkers odds. Mr. Divadal came out and dispatched his opponent as if it were a mere warm up match 6-2 6-4 6-2.

Easy day at the office. Time to go out and "relax"

Gurl what you doing later? Had a light work out today. Wanna go shoe shopping?? I wanna get me some Uggs Down Under

However, things were not so routine for Mr. Federer who faced Ivo Karlovic of Croatia aka Andre the Giant. (Something interesting I just found out about Ivo is that he is married to a Jamaican and is a proud daddy. Hmm. There is a tennis story that I would love to cover) Anyway, Andre the Giant is MASSIVE and his serves are bombs. He will ace you in a second. This match requires Mr. Federer to be patient and stealth like because breaking the giant’s service game is a hard task plus his wing span is massive. Anyway, Mr. Federer seemed up to the task. In the 1st set, Mr. Federer was down set point in the tie break but a lucky shot or an unlucky miss by AG gave Mr. Federer new life and the set 7-6. Things kept on serve for much of the second but Mr. Federer was finally able to break to the Croat to win the 2nd 7-5. In the 3rd set, Ivo was simply tired and wilted losing it 3-6. So Mr. Federer is in the 4th round and on a collision course for the semis against Mr. Divadal if they both can get there.

Mr. Federer was cool under pressure!

In other matches, Tomas Berdych, Lurch and Del Potro, Beast Boy, are both still in the game as they enjoyed straight sets victory over their opponents. Berdych is heading to Divadal in the quarters and Beast Boy to Mr. Federer. Those will be HOT TICKET items if things progress that way. However, there are several other players who may have a say about this matter. FeFe Lopez took out American BFG in 5 sets and BFG was not so friendly in post match comments as he decried the poor state of American men’s tennis. There is not a single American man left in the draw. None got out of the 3rd round at this Aussie Open, something that has not happened in the Open era of tennis if an American man has entered. But we will deal with this topic in a subsequent post for sure. Let’s get to the other results. Anyway, Phillip Kohlschreiber took out Alejandro Falla in straight sets as did Nicolas Almagro against Wawrinka. The Swiss tennischubby could not muster up enough energy to deal with a real athlete.

Almagro is through to the round of 16

The “big match” of the day was really Bernard Tomic vs Alexandr Dolgopolov (Boy who looks like a girl who looks like a boy or according to Chong, BWLLAGWLLAB) Anyway, Tomic won this match in 5 sets and it is surprising that Tomic is in the 4th round of this tournament because he has faced far more superior players than himself and yet with the effort of the crowd come through. BWLLAGWLLAB of course ran out of steam as he too has been playing marathon matches coming into this one. Anyway Tomic will face Mr. Federer and I highly doubt it that he will get pass the Swiss Maestro. That pretty much takes care of the results for Day 5 at the Aussie Open.

Tomic dispatched of BWLLAGWLLAB

Benesova has it going on. Let's drink to her as her cup runneth over

Hottie but she doesn't have any cups to drink from unfortunately.

Fefe Lopez, what's with the hair though??

Who is his hair stylist??

Shark girl??

Oooooo definitely not a cutie!! It is like the moon's surface. And is that gold in his mouth?

Yeah my breathe is really kicking!!

I am sorry but those photographers are clearly perving right now

Someone is absent from this picture. Who is the missing link??

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