French Open 2012: Quarterfinals Part 1!

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So the top halves of the men and women draws have been decided and the drama continued. Nothing is guaranteed in these championships:

D’Stove vs Cibuttkova

D’Stove was on top of the ball from 1st strike. Cibuttkova is the shortest woman in the top 100 and did she feel small from the beginning. The errors start piling up and that famous D’Stove’s kick serve was just bullying her around the court.

What the hell? Who is this person? She hasn’t been playing this sorta way all year!

The forehand was on like a boil corn and soon the scoreline was 6-4 6-1 in favour of the Aussie. She moved into her 3rd major semifinals if I am not mistaken.

Thank you very much lil girl. Also thanks for knocking out Vickie. I have never won a set off her. I dodged a beat down!

Meanwhile on the other court:

Sara Errani took on Carebear Kerber

There was the familiar Carebear countdown but I am afraid it was in the variety of down for the count!

There were no errors from Errani just cheers! 6-3 7-6 for her 1st major semifinals! These Italian ladies sure do love the French Open

I for one thought that one of these matches if not both were going to go 3 setters but apparently these veteran girls were not trying to prolong their journey to glory. So it’s D’Stove vs Errani in the 1st semis: Now conventional wisdom say pick D’Stove as Errani was 0-20 something against top 10 players until she beat Carebear today. She might just want to follow in the footsteps of her countrywoman Schiabone. D’Stove is trying to recapture that French Open title that she lost in 2010. Going to be an interesting match up.

Men’s quarterfinals

Mr. Federer vs Beast Boy

Take this!

Nole sends this with love!

Mr. Federer was falling and his fanz were dying!

I am pissed. I’m about to lose my mind up in here….up in here!

Yeah scream like a *itch! Beast Boy came out roaring 6-3 7-6! Mr. Federer was seemingly down and out for the count!

Hold my shite! Choo Choo All aboard. The Federer Express about to depart!

Mr. Federer broke me!

The Federer express was all systems running the final three sets 6-2 6-0 6-3!

While on the other court

Baby Ali vs D’Joker Harlequeen

That was easy! 1st set 6-1! And D’Juggernaut seemed ready to take over with an early break in the 2nd!

You need to help me out here! And Baby Ali won the next two sets 7-5 7-5!

I gotta work hard for my money!

Baby Ali punched his way to 4 match points

But he failed to convert on any! I missed those shot arghhhhh

But D’Juggernaut came back and won 7-6 6-1 to meet Mr. Federer yet again for a repeat of the 2011 French Open semi-final! D’Juggernaut is coming!

Suck on this itch!



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