2012 French Open: Les dames finale prévu!

In French Open, Maria Sharapova, Sara Errani, Tennis on June 8, 2012 at 6:17 am

Shriekapova vs Ben 10 Alien Force

Maria Sharapova of Russia will play Sara Errani of Italy for the 2012 French Open title. At the beginning of the tournament, I had stated that players who played on the very first Sunday at Roland Garros were not likely to win this tournament, it would be a miracle if that were to happen. Errani has proved me wrong as she made it to the final. She has been steady and working extremely hard. She has already won the doubles title and brimming with confidence. Now, mind you she is the overwhelming underdog. Shriekapova has three major titles and has made it to her 2nd consecutive major final and if history were to repeat itself, LiNaLi proved to be the winner when she made two major finals in a row last year and so did Ana Ivanovic the Terrible in 2008. Shriekapova is also playing very well on clay but so is Errani. Shriekapova has the power and the belief factor. Errani well she has everything but a serve, which is very very attackable. The Russian will be all over that in a hurry. Shriekapova hardly ever loses to some lower ranked player so to say that she will be completing her career grand slam here today is an understatement.

Back at number 1 and nothing says numero uno than a major singles title!

Although she was one of my picks to win this title, I am going to go with Errani to stop this from happening. I really think Errani can bother the Shriekapova’s game and Errani is better on clay AND will be willing to come to net. She is not going to get overwhelmed by the moment because I think she already has a major title in doubles so she is handling the pressure a lot better. To be quite honest, I have never been a Shriekapova fan and it has nothing to do with her Wimbledon victory. I just do not think she is a good player albeit she is number one in the world and her intangibles are outstanding, she is a very tough competitor; no doubt about it. This will be Errani’s biggest match ever and it will require everything she has in order to win it. Shriekapova wants this and wants this badly. She has not won a major since 2008 and the two major finals she got to since then, she was thoroughly dismissed. She is not likely to let this opportunity against a non-top flight player pass without seizing it.

I have the doubles, now to go get the singles!

Coming into this torunament, Errani was 0-28 vs top ten players. Today she took out two; Stosur and Angelique Kerber. What is even more interesting is that on her way to the final, Errani has knocked out three major winning, two of which have won this title before in the form of Ivanovic the Terrible and Kuzi-Rex. Errani is on to something special here. She made it to the Australian Open quarters this year and everyone thought that it was a fluke. However, Errani kept working at it. As much as we want to say that the women’s tour is very inconsistent and one hit wonder are popping out of the woodwork. The real truth of the matter, is that the tour is actually reflecting the players who are putting in the hard work. No one will deny that last year Kvitova worked really hard for Wimbledon. She had made it to the semifinals the year before and lost to the Serenanator but she stuck with it. Schiabone, LiNaLi even Kim Clijsters, Mommie Dearest. They are working and working really hard. Shriekapova definitely put in the effort and has had only one loss on clay altogether. The press is making it seems like the blue clay isn’t really clay. Stuggart is an indoor tournament and really the elements are not the same as outdoor play. Anyway, all of the Shriekapova’s enemies have been destroyed; the Serenanator, Vickie, Carebear Kerber and Bratzwanska.

I put a hit out on those itches and now they are gone…. all that stands in my way is an alien!

They all beat Shriekapova this year and in straight sets too and NONE of them got past the quarterfinals round. Some did not even get out of the 1st week. The only enemy left is death (JK Rowlings). She has never face Errani before so it will definitely be an interesting final. The thing is that I know that no matter what Shriekapova’s coach told her, she will not be able to translate that into any real strategy if the Italian proves to be feisty enough to really take this title away from here. Nothing is guaranteed. In 1997 Iva Majoli of Croatia took out Martina Hingis to win the ladies title and denied Hingis a career slam and in fact that year, a true grand slam. The game is won and lost on the field and not on paper. So I am not discounting Errani’s chances at all. Since 2008 the underdog has been the one to win the the title; the one coming in with the momentum has lost and lost badly without so much as a fight. By the way, I cannot think of a French Open final that went more than two sets, perhaps 2001 Capriati vs Clijsters? Hmmm Anyway, good luck to both ladies in the final. Though I am being quite foolish to bet against Shriekapova, I am hoping for another improbable Italian win!

More tears of joy to come Errani!


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