2012 French Open: Men’s semifinals! Down to the wire

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Who will create history?

We did not really expect it to be any other way. Although Lochness Monster is not in the semifinals, we all knew he would be 1st to fall. However, David Fiery Ferrer has shown himself to be a more than excellent substitute. Today’s action promises to be a huge draw if not even more eagerly anticipated than the actual finals.


Will Divadal continue to prove himself to be the Alpha Hombre diva in Spain or will Fiery Ferrer be that fierce phoenix non-divadal hopes he’ll be!

They proudly the strongest of the Spanish Armada and anyone who sees either player cannot help but notice their tenacity and NEVER SAY DIE attitude. However, Divadal is clearly the alpha diva in the crowd. They have met 19 times throughout their career and Divadal has an overall 15-4 record. They have met 13 times on clay and surprisingly Fiery Ferrer has a win over the Diva on the surface. That was back in 2004 though when Divadal was just a 17-year-old senorita. Interestingly enough, this is Ferrer’s 1st semifinal at the French Open so for him, this might just be the epitome. They have met here once before in Paris, back in 2005 when Divadal was just beginning his dominance. No one and that includes Fiery Ferrer himself expects to win this match. I suppose that Ferrer’s main goal today would be to avoid a bagel set which he is often prone to receive at the hands of the Dame from Majorca! I would hope that Fiery Ferrer surprise me and take this match. However, Divadal has not dropped a set all tournament and what is even more astounding, he has ONLY BEEN BROKEN ONCE through 5 matches. He himself states that this is the best he has played in ages…in particular 2008. He is feeling himself. He has beaten the man to wreck his dreams, D’Joker Harlequeen, twice this season and there has been no one else to challenge him on the surface to date. I would be lying if I did not say that I want Divadal to lose. I am really sorta sick of seeing him jumping around and biting the trophy. I actually want Ferrer to win the whole thing but I also want to be an opera singer superstar but neither one of those things are likely to ever happen. Good luck Fiery Ferrer; at the very least, do not embarrass yourself!


Mr. Federer prove again to be that thorn in D’Joker’s heel or will Harlequeen sashay into his 1st French Open finals

If there is anyone on tour who keeps D’Joker awake, it is Mr. Federer. He is the one player on tour that he has been forced to respect. D’Joker likes things on his terms but Mr. Federer does not play that. D’Joker knows that Mr. Federer possesses more than the game to beat him. They are a good match up and much rather see them play each other of the top men than any other combination. Mainly because, there is no time wasting antics as Mr. Federer shuts that shite down real quick. Anyway, Mr. Federer enjoys a 14-11 head to head with the Serb. However, he has lost their last 5 of 6 matches, including that choker of a US Open semifinals in 2011 and quite recently a beat down of sorts in Rome 6-2 7-6(4). If Divadal gets to the finals, it would be best that D’Joker wins for those who dislike the Spaniard and thinks he needs to be put off a bit. Surprisingly, Mr. Federer and D’Joker have only met on clay 5 times with Mr. Federer enjoying a slight lead 3-2. This is of course the more eagerly anticipated of the semis as it was at this point last year when Mr. Federer stopped D’Juggernaut from plowing through the ATP. D’Joker was two matches away from completing the Grand Slam and this year he wants the French Open badly. This will be a battle. Mr. Federer if he wishes to win this match, needs to hit through his backhand as well as slice backhand in order to keep the ball low for the Serb. Mr. Federer definitely needs to find himself up at the net. D’Joker well, she is on Duracell batteries because she came through 2 tough 5 setters and remained calm as ever and just moved on as though it was routine.  I really and truly do not want to call this match because I think either one is equally capable of winning this match! However, the real truth of the matter is that I think D’Joker Harlequeen will take it. Mr. Federer has pulled too many tricks from his shite shelf this tournament. Continually sloppy play through all the rounds. Anyway, he might surprise me.

Good luck to all!


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