2012 French Open: Ladies Final

In Career slam, French Open, Grand Slam, Maria Sharapova, Sara Errani on June 9, 2012 at 12:15 pm

2012 French Open Champion Maria Sharapova!

Do not adjust for sets or glasses or monitor screen! What you are seeing is absolutely correct! Shriekapova is the 2012 French Open Champion. I guess in a way, one should not be surprised as this is continuing the pattern of improbable winners. Shriekapova dispatched Errani 6-3 6-2. Errani gave a good fight but she was outmatched by the power and intensity of the Russian. They weight of shots, the accuracy and the fact that Shriekapova knew that there was nothing about Errani’s game that could legitimately hurt her.  I called it from the beginning. I knew that the top girls were not going to allow another newcomer to waltz in and take what they felt was legitimately theirs. Shriekapova got very lucky as the Serenanator lost int he 1st round and with that lost came Shriekapova’s victory. The clay is arguably not Vickie’s strongest surface and it showed as she struggled throughout the clay court season in particular, this tournament. Hence she got bounced in the Round of 16. Shriekapova came through the draw on a bullet train dropping only one set. She knew she had no other year to win this thing but this one. She had done the work, dealt with the nerves and given a player who is miles below her, she is ready to attack.

Errani was erroneous early in the match

Shriekapova wasted no time in racing out to a 4 love lead and just when things looked like they could get dismal for the Italian as she broke to get one of the breaks back and held serve, the Russian got back on top of things with a 5-2 lead. Errani tried and I mean she really did try her hardest but it was not her day and she was being out hit. For every good run she made, Shriekapova just smacked one of her shots away as if it were a mere nuisance in her face. The first set was over 6-3

Is this all you got? I eat these corn puff serves for breakfast!

Again Shriekapova broke early in the 2nd set and Errani could not create any real offensive against her opponent, which is the only way to beat her. Defense is not going to help against the Russian. You need to be quick, stealth and deadly. You cannot allow her to linger on court. Shriekapova came up with some clutch serving when she needed to and against a smaller opponent, she could go for broke and come up rich. 6-2 and the Championships. I have to congratulate Shriekapova and as much as I would have preferred Errani to have won, Maria worked really hard for this and I cannot begrudge her the title. She did the work and she did not choke. She held herself together unlike the Serenanator and Vickie. It is a richly deserved title and her tenacity against all obstacles is admirable.

Who me? I have won? WOW!

Errani I hope to see more of you. I hope this translate into doing more work to improve your weaknesses. You are fun to watch.

Do not be dismayed by this result. You are a champion!

Aren’t we glad Monica discovered the joys of a hot comb in her retirement. WOW Shriekapova is a giantess and the President of the French Tennis Federation is a hobbit!







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