2012 French Open: Men’s Final Parte B: What a let down

In French Open, Maria Sharapova, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal on June 11, 2012 at 1:09 pm

Divadal with his 7th French Open title!

And traditions were kept alive and well. Who is it seemingly can defeat the king of clay on this red stuff? I surmise that at this point, it might be virtually impossible to stop Divadal on the dirt. You would think that a Spanish Diva would be reluctant to get down and dirty. However, this is where she is most at home. Divadal accomplished history today as if he needed more accolades to prove his strength is dirt. He was surely given a test today and he rose above it all showing that he is not only the best today, he is the best EVER!

Yes nice try itch! It won’t be 4 majors in a row! I have a slam right here for you boo! I slam the door right in your face on my French Open!

When play resumed, one thought that D’Joker would have picked up where he left off. However, he came out flatfooted and lackadaisical. Leading in the 4th set before the end of yesterday’s play, D”Joker came out and was broken with really little effort from Divadal. The Serb’s serving issues continued into the new day. It has become a major issue of concern in my book from what I have seen from him this year. Anyway, we were back on serve. 2-2. Divadal was surely not letting the end of yesterday’s performance cloud his judgment as he fixed his own serving woos and even had an ace….a rarity for him these days; at least on clay. Anyway, he got to 5-4 and D’Joker held serve again to make it 5-5. The tension was definitely building. There were some questionable calls…at least one and the rain came again. However, the men played on.

If you ever see me walking down the hall, look the other way, because you’re out of control…You’re totally out of control. You’re a hater, unattractive inside. Wow, what a loser. Really, don’t even look at me, don’t look my way.

Divadal held serve but D’Joker did not and Divadal collected his 7th French Open title. D’Joker looked mightily disappointed but he did not nothing to protect his serve. He double faulted on match point. He missed and he missed badly. His attitude on the court was one that he believed that destiny was going to be on his side. He acted that he could flirt in the face of danger as he did with Tsonga and to a certain extent Mr. Federer and still get out of trouble. He forgot he was playing Divadal who is relentless as he is vicious about things that he believes is rightfully his.

Yeah itches…I won my 7th and who is to say I cannot win 10 and surpass Martina who has 9 at Wimbledon?

All in all, this French Open is exactly how I called it from the beginning: The women will establish order and Divadal will still be Queen of the clay. It was a really interesting tournament. Unfortunately, none of my favourites were even in the hunt to win any of the titles. A lot of wishful thinking but I’m Realz so I had to be realistic about their chances but then again when the Serenanator got bounced in the 1st round, you knew things were going to get problematic from here on end.

I can’t believe like a girl I double faulted on match point!!!

When it was a really great championships and CONGRATULATIONS to Shriekapova and Divadal for winning the 2012 French Open titles!

Not to rain on your parade….Fierce shoes but the dress… well it’s ain’t cute! Looks like you’re expecting

Good heavens are we in the Red Light District? You’re very pretty here though. I am not going to lie!

  1. Hey I am huge fan of Rafa. I remember last year that you would call him Mr. Divadal following a 6th French Open title. Why won’t you call him Mr. Divadal again? Now that he’s achieved Clay Immortality, you should honor with a better title. Perhaps Champion Divadal?

    • You’re right. I almost forgot about that altogether. That’s why I like my fanz to keep me up on my fingers. Now calling Divadal Champion Divadal will be a bit much I’m afraid. You do know that the title Mr. Federer is a bit tongue and cheek. There’s a posting “Mr. Federer gets married” that explains why he’s called that. However, would you like Queen of Clay Divadal? Dirty Divadal? Dirt King Divadal? I’m open to suggestions. How about Sir or Lady Divadal! Or Sir Red Divadal? Lord Clay Divadal? I can’t show open love and admiration for the Spaniard because he gets too much already from fanz like you. 🙂 I have to keep it “balanced and fair” Thank you so much for enjoying the blog. You should comment more and like it on Facebook RealzTenisFanz!

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