French Open 2012: Men’s Final Part One!

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And the battle begins

Well we expected things to get interesting but what we did not expect was a men’s final that would stretch over the path of two days. Well that is if the rain do not continue to hamper things. You know just when you think you have seen it all with tennis, something happens and completely blows your mind. I was eagerly awaiting this final and as much as I wanted a Mr. Federer victory, I am slowly coming to the realization that the latter might not be in the stars anymore. However, I think Mr. Federer will be winning Wimbledon. I am not sure about the Olympics, the top three all have olympic medals but they would all love the gold, well in Divadal’s case, he would love to repeat as champion. But we are digressing and Wimbledon is weeks away. We have not even concluded the French Open men’s final. Yes, unless you have been living under a rock, the men’s championship has not yet been decided. I mean I knew this was going to be a long match but even I did not forsee this sorta event. I do not know why the French are being so pigheaded about not starting earlier especially with there being the forecast of rain. However, I imagined that this had something to do with money and broadcasting. Now, how are they going to deal with a 7 a.m. start time tomorrow in the US? Is NBC going to not broadcast the Early  I did not even get my gym on today. 😦 No Bueno! I might need to go run.

Divadal was in the driver’s seat from the beginning

Anyway, we are digressing again. To the tennis. To say that Divadal started off brilliantly would be an understatement. He reeled off 3 straight games, breaking his Serbian opponent twice. Not even against Mr. Federer is Divadal this sharp. However, I think he knows the danger of D’Joker so he knows he needs to stay on top of him and stay on top early. However, it was a false sense of security for the Spaniard as D’Juggernaut made a momentary appearance and leveled the score 3-3! Divadal was broken once in this tournament coming into the final and here he found himself broken twice. It felt like the US Open all over again when Divadal was up 2-0 then lost 6 straight games. However, Divadal was not about to let history repeat itself. D’Joker got broken again and Divadal went on to hold serve to lead 5-3. D’Joker held serve again to be down 4-5. However, the Spanish diva served for the set and drew first blood 6-4. D’Joker’s serve was abysmal at best as he barely got a 1st serve in. He is not know as a particularly great server but neither is Divadal but considering the circumstances one would think he would be trying to get more 1st serve in.

2 sets in the Armani purse. Come on motherfcuker! This is my house!

The 2nd set seem to begin the same way the 1st did with D’Joker giving away his service game on a double fault. Divadal was simply swinging and was not missing. These two players are like the greatest defensive players in the world. I am sure the greats of this sports were looking at the match and thinking WTF? WTMFF? There were some absolutely spectacular shots. Shots that no one would have dare dreamed of before but these two were making it look so routine. The sheer strength of these players to so quickly move from a defensive position to an offensive position with the mere flick of their racquet. It was magical. I cannot speak enough of how crazy some of their shots were. At times, it seemed out of control because they defied logic. Nevertheless, for all the magic that was happening on court, Divadal had the right combination. Whenever, D’Joker raised the level of his play, Divadal matched him and more. D’Joker broke back to overcome the 0-2 deficit he had at the beginning of the set to go up 3-2 but he again lost his way. His 1st serve was proving to be too much a liability and then the rain came and he was down 2-5.

Then D’Juggernaut came stomping on the court!

Now on clay, play can continue for a while as seen in Rome where the ladies played through the rain. However, these two divas will play in nothing but optimal conditions. When they came back out, Divadal sealed the deal and was up 6-4 6-3. It seemed all but a matter of time before he lifts up his trophy again for the 7th time and finally avenge 3 straight losses in a major to the same man. The rain did not seemingly wash away D’Joker’s bad play as he was broken again in the 3rd set to go down 0-2. Was he going to get whitewashed on court? Was this epic final going to be blowout? Then D’Juggernaut showed up on court. I do not know where he came from but all off a sudden, the errors that the Serb made were all gone. Divadal looked to be having a brain cramp or perhaps a WTF moment as he lost 6 straight games. Yes 6 consecutive games on real red clay. I mean the only person to have ever done that to him on clay was Mr. Federer and that was in Hamburg. Before, you knew it the set was over 6-2 D’Joker.

He even have time to be cute up at net!

Things were not looking so routine anymore for the reigning French champion. The crowd sensed it, the audience at home sensed it and Divadal sensed it, the trophy was no longer firmly in his grip. As a matter of fact, the trophy was back on the table waiting for a winner to be decided. He no longer looked the favourite to win the entire thing. The 4th set begun and D’Juggernaut won more games. That’s right, Divadal lost 8 straight games on clay. I mean the man barely loses that much games in an entire match but to lose them all in a row….Panic. Now the rain came again and after finally holding serve, Divadal quickly sprinted off court, claiming he could not play under these conditions. the Diva had spoken and the Diva is law. Apparently, as they were entering the locker room area, Uncle Toni said “puta” as he walked by the tournament director. The Divadal camp is most certainly not happened with conditions. So play was suspended for the rest of the day and they would resume tomorrow 1 p.m. Paris time.

No no no no! We are not having this today! I just got my hair did and you want to tell me rain!

Score: Divadal leading 6-4 6-3 2-6 1-2! Oh yes, Divadal has never looked so scared in his life on clay!

This is still my pick to win!


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