US Open 2013: Day 11

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We are heading into the final weekend of the US Open 2013 and things are coming down to the wire. The semifinals have been set for both the men’s and women’s draws. On day 11, we have the final two men’s quarterfinals being contested.

Stan the MAN

Stan the MAN

First up was Stanislas Wawrinka v Lochness Monster… I mean Andy Murray. Before, I go any further, one of the Realz Fanz chided about the fact that Realz is not being his usual hateriffic self. Now, you know I am a hater and it does not take much to get a hater rolling. However, I had a talk with someone in blogosphere/publication/writing arena and they…I mean he, mentioned that if I wish to take this (writing about tennis or anything for that matter) further, I might have to tone down the “hate.” See saying things like Divadal is an undercover brother and Maria Shriekapova is clearly a beard with Grigor Dimitrov are kinda libelous. Well not kinda, but very! I pointed out that ReazTenisFanz is all about wit/humour/sarcasm/satire. However, what he said  I guess has sort of resonated with me because I would sure love to be working in tennis and making great money from it. Nonetheless, this is RealzTenisFanz and we do things unorthodox. We are like Tina Turner; we like it ROUGH.

Yes motherfcuker you're a hater indeed!!!

Yes motherfcuker you’re a hater indeed!!!

It is not that I have been less hateful, I have kinda mature and trying to do something different. Also it might be that since most of these recent postings were written together, it sorta made things run into one and another. Truth be told, there is not a lot going on in the tennis world. Particularly on the men’s side, it is a rather barren wasteland. It might be that I am not trolling the internet for the juicy tidbits lurking about. Regardless, there is only so many times one can keep on saying that Carlo Suarez-Navarro needs an extreme extreme makeover and that Petra Kvitova is really a Petra Bellied Pig. Women might get upset and call me sexist even more so since most of the hotties on here are men. Another thing I have noticed is that when I use Monikers for players, the new fanz are not entirely sure who I am speaking of. I think it might help if I get more feedback but for the most parts, I generally do not get much feedback one way or the other. AGAIN I BEG FOR FEEDBACK.


OMG What is he doing here??


I told you NEVER in public! Only back at the hotel… Keep it moving

Anyway to the tennis. Murray v Wawrinka: So this was a good matchup I think and if I am not mistaken Murray has an edge in the head to head. As of late, Murray has become a legitimate major contender. He has two majors including the most recent Wimbledon crown. However, he had a HORRIBLE summer post London. He did not far in any of his tournaments but he came to New York looking ready to forget the summer and defend his US Open crown. Interestingly enough, before the match in press interviews, Murray mentioned the he felt that Stan was ready for an upset and to make some serious noise here at these championships. I do not think that Stan needed Murray to tell him that because so far at these championships, Stan has been resilient. In this match he was even more so. Things were even on serve with the Swiss serving 1st thus was ahead 5-4 with Murray serving to stay in the set. Wawrinka had a break point but lost it. He gained another and then lost it again. Murray got game point and lost it too. This back and forth went on when finally Wawrinka stepped up and took his 6th chance at breaking Murray and the 1st set 6-4.

No this is not happening...

No this is not happening…

WTF I can't get any break point chances

WTF I can’t get any break point chances

One would have expected Lochness Monster to come firing back and even for Wawrinka to let up in his intensity but neither happened. Wawrinka learned a crucial lesson… well more so applied a crucial tactic against top players; When you have them on the ropes, you keep them there. You do not hold back. Instead of Wawrinka becoming sloppier as the match went on, he became more consistent and even tidier. He was making less errors and applying more and more pressure on the Englishman… well I guess it is Scotsman since he is losing this match. As a matter of fact, Murray had ZERO BREAK POINT CHANCES. NADA NONE…NILCH…. ZERO. Wawrinka took the match in straight sets 6-4 6-3 6-2. It was an impressive performance. Even Judy Murray, Nessie’s mom tweeted of how impressed she was of the performance. Of course on court, Murray was cursing and being as belligerent as ever. He even broke his racquet but of course, the press and the rest of the world let that go. Nothing to talk about. Had it been the Serenanator, the it would have been Headline News.

Back to your underwater cave

Back to your underwater cave

He is almost indestructible at times

He is almost indestructible at times

Anyway Wawrinka will face Djoker no less as the Serb took out Russian Mikhail Youzhny in 4 sets. It was a very good contest again. Men’s matches can be of great quality unless you have a combination of Djoker/Nadal/Murray playing. Then it is some long protracted affairs that go on forever and have idiots talking about how it is was an epic match and the greatest ever. Anyway, Djoker proved to be far superior than his opponent. Youzhny tried everything but Djoker was just too strong and agile. Djoker has the first 2 sets 6-3 6-2. However, he got sloppy in the 3rd set and Youzhny began to show himself to be worthy of this contest and it was now 2-1 sets. Youzhny had the 3rd set 6-3. Djoker was mad and Djoker became the Djuggernaut as Youzhny did not win another game for the match. He got served up a NYC bagel indeed.

Mrs. Youzhny... I can't watch this mess anymore

Mrs. Youzhny… I can’t watch this mess anymore

So for the men’s semis this Saturday. It’s Djoker v Wawrinka and Divadal v Gasquet.

N. Djokovic
6 3 6
M. Youzhny
3 2 6 0
A. Murray
3 2
S. Wawrinka
6 6 6  
Much to my chagrin, they get to move on to the final Paes/Stepanek

Much to my chagrin, they get to move on to the final Paes/Stepanek

The brothers were very sloppy in the 2nd and 3rd sets.. Didn't know where to go

The brothers were very sloppy in the 2nd and 3rd sets.. Didn’t know where to go

In other news, the Bryan Brothers; Bob and Mike Bryan, lost their bid for a Doubles Grand Slam when they lost in three sets in the semi-finals to the team of Leander Paes and Radek Stepanek. It was an unfortunate lost especially since I despise Stepanek and his horrid shirt but also because the Bryans were looking to cap off a very dominant season in doubles. They won nearly everything in sight including the Aussie, French and Wimbledon crowns; not to mention that they struck gold in London last year. However, if they would have to wait unless next year to begin the task of getting the Grand Slam title!

The sisters are doing it for themselves

The sisters are doing it for themselves

You and your big mouth Roberta... Look who is talking BIG HEAD

You and your big mouth Roberta… Look who is talking BIG HEAD

The Williams Sisters are still in the doubles mix as they took out the No1 ranked team of Roberta Vinci and Sara Errani. Apparently Vinci was all about how they will attack Venus as she was clearly the weak one. That did not work however as the Americans took out the Italians 6-4 6-1 if I am not mistaken. The Americans also avenged their loss to the Italians earlier this year in Australia. The team will play the semifinals after Serenanator’s singles semifinals match against LiNaLi.  I hope the Serenanator can win both those matches comfortably. So I guess I am all caught up to speed now.

  1. If Nadal wins the US Open, will you return to calling him Lord Clay Divadal? You almost never call Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic by their nicknames anymore. Since you insist on still calling Nadal by his nickname it is only fair that you return to the awesome one!

    • You are right to a certain extent that I seemed to lay off calling Andy Murray Lochness Monster and Djokovic, Djoker Harlequeen. It should be that I call Nadal by his right name. However, Nadal got ahead of himself and “stole” the St. Regis Hotel towels because he only wants white towels on court. The US Open’s towels are all colour. Watch next year they have white towels. Divadal is getting to be a bit too much. This white towel bit is really over the top and very OCD. This is not Divadal’s 1st trip to the Open. As always, Nadal has to be a Diva and complain about something. I am really hoping that Wawrinka and Gasquet can get the upset today. I would really like a new major champion on the men’s side. It is high time someone new win one. It will be 4 years, 16 majors, that someone other than Divadal, Mr. Federer, Djoker Harlequeen or Lochness Monster won a major. Needless to say, Harlequeen is my 3rd pick for the title. I am not interested in seeing Divadal with that winner’s troph though it is unlikely that that would not be the case.

    • Oh I almost forgot your original question….Will I call him Lord Clay Divadal, I think I might but as of late, I cannot seem to respect Divadal much. He irks me in a new sorta way. However, perhaps I really should because it will be fair.

  2. Nadal is a champion who is having an all-time comeback year. You should respect that. What a way to respond to knee injury than with one of the all-time great seasons!

    • I have never denied Lord Clay Divadal’s greatness; I am just questioning these “knee injuries.” For all his injuries, he has come back way stronger than before. The true nature of the knee injury is very much unknown and the specifics of the treatment even more secret. There has been no surgery. NONE! This in and of itself is remarkable particularly since the injuries have all been described as being severe. The disappearances from the tour have all come after inexplicable losses. This reminds me of Justine Henin’s mysterious “blood” issues.

      LC Divadal comes back on tour and does the very same thing he has been doing for years which allegedly led to the “injury” in the first place. This I find very confusing and seems to defy all physical and medical conventions. By no means do I need to be privy to LC Divadal’s medical file. However, I can, as a fan, make observations. This sort of comeback from Divadal has not happened once but twice. It may have happened a third time that I am forgetting at this moment. We can all bask in his greatness and he is a great player. However, I just have unresolved issues surrounding his abilities and nothing thus far has been able to resolve any of them. Nevertheless, nothing I say here can take away from the fact that more than likely on Monday, he will be the US Open champion.

  3. I want Nadal to win badly. But Djokovic remains a matchup nightmare for him. It will be close. I am both excited and apprehensive about the final. D’Juggernaut is a physical specimen who never tires and has an uncanny ability to escape death to claim victory from the jaws of defeat.

    • That might be so. However, you have noticed that he “punked out” of several key matches over the years. I think you are confusing him with the 2011 Djoker when he was virtually unstoppable; he was the Djuggernaut. I believe that might have had something to do with his training methods and not “gluten”. That training method was called into question by the Divadal… I mean Lord Clay Divadal’s camp and Djoker allegedly discontinued this training. I think it had something to do with oxygen deprivation chamber or some special chamber. Anyway since that point, Djoker has been MIA in key matches. All of the clay master series of 2012 plus that horrendous French Open final then he choked I think against Mr. Federer in the Wimbledon semis (though I am not complaining about that in the least), then the US Open final against Lochness Monster and again this year at Wimbledon and French Open. He was simply absent in key moments. It is true he can come back from the jaws of death. However, Divadal is not your average player. He now is playing like Djuggernaut.

      I am neither excited nor apprehensive about this match. I think it will be a good match up. They have met like 36 times which I think is like the most meeting of any two players in the open era. Divadal of course has a 21-15 advantage over Djoker. I give Djoker the slight edge despite Divadal’s incredible record on hardcourt. Djoker has this uncanny ability to put the pedal to the metal and get things done in a hurry. Divadal has to work too hard for points. But this is Divadal we are talking about. Never count him out. Nonetheless, we can both be certain that it will be a LONG match.

  4. I am both so excited and nervous for this match. I want Nadal to win this match more than I’ve ever wanted him to win any match. It’s like some sort of legacy crossroads is on the line.

  5. I’m so happy! Please write a post for these final days at the US Open. And give Nadal a better nickname please 🙂 He earned it.

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