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RealzTenisFanz is now in your ears!!!

In Podcast on February 24, 2015 at 4:00 pm
Say what now? You got a podcast?

Say what now? You got a podcast? Feelings are going to get hurt!!

Yes folks RealzTenisFanz has moved into a podcast format!!! So we are coming to you as pure undiluted filth for your ears! Listen to me at home, at work, on your way to school or play. Hey, I don’t even care if you listen to me as you’re making love to your boo boo biscuit! Just listen to me and COMMENT Below! CLICK ON THE YOUTUBE VIDEO BELOW


Yeah it is for REALZ! I decided to do a podcast after much prodding from a huge fanz Andreen of Soley Tennis Travels!! So THANK YOU Andreen. It is a bit longer than I thought it would be and it was a bit crazy being in an echo chamber being by myself but I am happy I did it!! Muchas again! For the original fanz out there!! I hope to hear from you and your feedback!!! 

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So we are discussing the major going ons after the Australian Open


I deal with the tournaments after in France, South America, Fed Cup and those in the US. I also talk about the coach change Vickie leaving Sam and Sam getting snatched up by Genie, I talk about Divadal’s Rio antics, Petkovic’s “meltdown” in Dubai and of course the Serenanator’s return to Indian Wells as well as other stories. I hope you enjoy and AGAIN PLEASE COMMENT!!!