RealzTenisFanz Podcast #8: Making a Mess in the Dirt!!!

In Podcast on April 27, 2015 at 11:21 am

We are getting down and dirty in the 2015 clay season as we are full into it! Roland Garros is about a month away! We got so much to dish about with our Featured Co-host Janina and a new guest, Karen, BridgePea ( from “The Spin” ( We about the recent going ons at Barcelona, Bucharest and Stuttgart and all the latest with the Aga/Martina split as well as Stan saying goodbye to Ilham!

Barcelona and Nishikori – 3:37
Bucharest, GGLopez and Monfils – 25:00
The Ladies: Aga, Martina and some Caroline – 34:30
Genie Bouchard and her Sophmore Slum – 50:10
Porsche Grand Prix and Mental Fortitude – 1:00:26
Special Feature: What They Reallyz Meant To Say – 1:15:00

Genie and her "Sophomore Slum"

Genie and her “Sophomore Slum”

Guillermo Garcia-Lopez wins a 2nd title for the year at Burcharest

Guillermo Garcia-Lopez wins a 2nd title for the year at Burcharest

Nishikori defends his Barcelona Open title

Nishikori defends his Barcelona Open title

Congratulations to Kerber and her win at Porsche Grand Prix

Congratulations to Kerber and her win at Porsche Grand Prix

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And Stanley said Bye Bye to wife and child!!

And Stanley said Bye Bye to wife and child!!

  1. This is the 3rd podcast of yours that I’ve listened to and it is quickly becoming my new guilty pleasure! I laugh so hard every. single. time. And words like Divadal have slipped into my vocabulary (and I like Nadal)! Karen’s interpretation of what Stan the Man really wanted to say was hilarious and spot on. There was great analysis of the racquet technology and how it may be impacting the players in terms of injury and even career longevity. Loved the comparison to cricket.
    Love how you all keep it 100, even if that means getting raunchy (lol). Truly a fun time!

    • THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS!!! You can check out the Moniker page on the blog to see the other names for the players. I am glad that you’re enjoying the podcast. It is a labour of love! Yes Divadal should be in your consciousness because there is no other word to describe him than Divadal! In regards to technology bit, I do agree. I am not sure if tennis at this point will change it’s ways because so much money is involved. You have Divadal, one of their top players, fully spearheading this racquet revolution bit. So they cannot say No at this point. Swimming has had to put a stop to the suits and hopefully tennis realizes that there needs to be limitations

      • I absolutely agree with you on the issue that money drives these decisions. In fact, I think money is the reason why the players lack a fully invested union to look after their interests (like the NBA, NFL, etc). It’s going to be interesting to see how the young crop of players deal with the perils of racquet technology. I think we may see a whole lot more breaks (Kvitova), skipping events (Nolé) and withdrawals in later rounds (Serena at IW) or just abrupt time off (Venus) to preserve the body/mind.

        I was wondering what you and Janina and guests think about Serena’s statement about how Fed Cup should be every other year. I’ve been thinking for years that Fed Cup and Davis Cup should alternate, although I’m not sure what would happen in an Olympic year.
        Do you think Fed Cup/Davis Cup should be an annual event?

        Just continue doing what you’re doing, behind the insane humor, there’s so much insight there. By the way, I HATE on court coaching too for all the reasons you all described so well.

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