RealzTenisFanz Podcast 12.5: Ding Dong Divadal is Done in Paris!!

In Podcast on June 4, 2015 at 2:06 am

Yes I said!! Divadal lost at the French Open for only the 2nd time in 11 years!!


01:30 – Mrs. Ana Ivanovic
08:00 – Ladies’ Report
16:1052:00 – The Men’s Report
16:16 – Federer
21:12 – Stanley
24:10 – Kei
28:10 – Tsonga
29:00 – Divadal v Djoker
49:05 – Murray v Ferrer
52:00 – Wrapping Up
57:06 – Predicitons

  1. I’ve seen many say that Djokovic played well in the final, including here. I really don’t think that’s true. 30 winners to 41 errors. He had been cruising through the tournament until the third set vs. Murray, and that’s where the brainfarting began. In the final, he repeatedly used drop shots that everyone saw coming, except himself, apparently. He did not hit a single topspin lob in the court. Not even one. His serve looked *terrible* especially the second serve, and Stan is one of the mediocre returners in the top 10. His trademark return of serve was nowhere to be found. It looked like he was wracked with nerves and the occasion did seem to get to him, as someone mentioned.

    This reminded of the loss to Nishikori, except Kei did not even play that well, while, credit to Stan, he played an incredible match. He was great in sets three to four, but if Nole was on his game, he very well should have won sets one and two. He struggled on serve almost every service game after the first set. Not to take away from Stan, but this just reminds me of another letdown by Djokovic at the French Open from years past. He has not completely overcome his mental demons.

    • You are aware that Podcast 12.5 was recorded before the finals right? So no assessment on Djoker’s play in the final could have been rendered. However, regarding the level of play of Djoker. Djoker has been playing exceptional tennis all year long. He has beaten everyone and made them all look several levels below him including Federer the only person to score a win over him this year coming into Paris. They have met twice since then and Federer lost both matches. I believe the folks on the podcast, myself included have noted that since 2011, Djoker has come into the French being the man to beat. Divadal has been playing “basic tennis” but you have hardly notice because of the aura surrounding him. No secret as well that in 2012-2014 Djoker let Divadal off the hook. He took his foot off the accelerator. Now I am not going to say that he played poorly into the final but I would say that he might not have played up to his potential. You are right, maybe it got too much for him. The moment got too overwhelming and he sorta was locked up in his own mind. He was unable to beat himself. That 3rd and 4th sets v Murray was really messy play because he should have closed out both times. However, being mentally focused is all part of game and truly nothing was physically wrong with his game but he just couldn’t do what he needed to do. And Stanley played really really well. He could have totally checked out after losing the 1st set and wasted so many break chances earlier but he stayed in the moment.

    • Also I don’t think it is fair to say Kei didn’t play well. Kei played a wonderful match v Djoker at the US Open. Djoker again got caught up in the moment. Plus that took a lot out of Kei and he was hardly able to deliver in the final. Though I would say that Kei is known for not delivering in the big moments.

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