RealzTenisFanz Podcast #12: Bienvenue à Paris – Week 1 Report

In Podcast on June 4, 2015 at 2:01 am

So here we are in Paris discussing the highs, the lows and the WTFs of French Open 2015 Week 1

1:15 – Ladies Surprises and Disappointments
15:25 – Vika and Serena
24:41 – Carolines, Franny, Genie and the other ladies
34:43 – The Men’s Jock v Nadal
40:02 – Tsonga and Berdych
45:25 – Young Guns??
49:55 – Djoker and the other “Condenders/Pretenders”
53:50 – Stanley v Federer?? Kei v Tsonga?
1:02:48 Lucie v Maria and the rest of the ladies
1:10:05 Are you into Grunts and Screams??
1:17:20 – Umpire! Umpire! Secureitty!!
1:29:00 Our Predictions and Wrapping Up

  1. Unimpressed by Realz accusing Nole of gamesmanship. You said he was “in trouble,” which is not even true – he was up two sets when he took MTO. You know you would defend the heck out of Serena for being 100x more dramatic.

    • I do not know why you think you have to interject Serena into this conversation so as to imply something negative of my stance. And even if I were to “defend the heck out of Serena”, it would not change anything regarding the circumstances of either player. You are introducing a false equivalence. Now if you really want to interject Serena into the conversation, I am sure you know that Serena never called the trainer on court during her matches or took any MTO despite being ill. I am almost certain of this but I can be wrong. I believe the same can be said of Maria Sharapova. They never held up play nor distracted their opponents. They played through the matches. With that said, I believe that Djoker is the best player on tour right now! There is really no question about that. When he takes MTO I think they are more mental than medical. I am not mad at him for during this. However, we can surely say that there was hardly anything wrong with him physically. He said as such in the press conference thereafter. I never think he is “trouble” of losing the match. I think he is more so in trouble, “mentally”. He gets ahead of himself and become erratic and sloppy. Take sets 3 and 4 v Murray in the semifinals. If you have followed Djoker’s career from the beginning, he had been known for gamesmanship and often defaulted/retired from matches. NOW nothing he is doing is illegal. It is all within the rules. He uses it to his advantage BUT it does not take away from the fact that he is an awesome player. However, we can call a spade a spade.

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