RealzTenisFanz Podcast #16 is GOING LIVE 6/26/15

In Podcast on June 24, 2015 at 11:10 am

With the Wimbledon 2015 draw coming out this Friday (June 26, 2015), your favourite commentators of RTF Podcast will be hosting a live event at 11:30 pm EST! So that means you have Andreen (Soley Tennis Travels), Karen (Bridgepea), Janina and myself (Realz) coming to you LIVE and DIRECT!!! Yes Fanz, the podcast after #15 and before #17 will be coming to you LIVE!!! You can be a part of the interactive audience and hear us as we record this MOST amazing show UNEDITED!!!! 

10686933_10205240493237124_5101450718790765939_nThis is your chance to be involved in the most complete and controversial tennis podcast in the world!! I know it might be a bit late or early for some of you fanz BUT you can still participate!!! We will be giving you the Realz BreakDown of the Wimbledon 2015 draw as only WE CAN!!! Official Hashtag #RTFLiveCast! We will also be discussing the fashions from the WTA Fashion Party which I think takes place Friday night London time. This is a good opportunity to ask questions of the hosts and get to know us! You know we never shy away from the inappropriate or salacious. Just don’t be offensive!!! This I hope will be an AWESOME event for PODCAST #16!!! 

I'm getting my hair did to be a part of this special event!!

I’m getting my hair did to be a part of this special event!!


If you wish to be a part of this event you can still listen to us live on YouTube!!! Check out the RealzTenisFanz YouTube Channel on Friday evening at 11:35 pm EST for the live video to appear. You can also to listen to the previous 15 and half podcasts in the mean time 🙂 …. 


OMGGGGGG OMGGGG Realz Podcast is going LIVE

Via Email: Send your questions and comments to
Via Twitter: Karen The Spin (@bridgepea), Andreen (@A_Gallivant), Janina (@JLR78), Realz (@RealzTenisFanz) with the official hashtag #RTFLiveCast 
Via Facebook: Post comments to Soley Tennis Travels or  RealzTenisFanz
Via WordPress: You can comment below in this post
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We are going to be OFF THE CHAIN THIS FRIDAY

We are going to be OFF THE CHAIN THIS FRIDAY


  1. Janina needs to spell out her true reasons for her Nole hate despite his being so nice to her son, so we can all squirm uncomfortably on our couches on a Friday night.

    • You agree with her hate or you disagree. I thought she was clear about her dislike … it being “irrational” LOL But I would let her know that you need some further details 🙂

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