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This blog is yet another step in my trying to pursue my passion and love for the sport of tennis as well as writing and discussing all issues relating to the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) and WTA (Women’s Tennis Association). My discussing tennis in particular the majors (Australian Open, Roland Garros aka French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open) has long been a great obsession of mine. The discussion forum has moved from a simple e-mail to a few friends to the creation of the Realz Tennis Fanz Newzletter and now due to popular demand, a blog on the World Wide Web.

I have resisted this latest venture for many reasons. I am not a tech savvy person, a blog requires a lot more effort on my part, the notoriety and most crucial of all, fear of backlash from the actual postings. I am too poor to be sued and if I were rich, I wish not to have my money taken away from me for merely expressing my opinion. Now for those who know me, I do hope you would keep my identity hidden especially when lawyers of the players come hunting me. Nonetheless, I am quite happy to start this blog and share my love, passion and zeal for the sport of tennis. So without further delay, I welcome everyone to REALZ TENIS FANZ NEWZLETTER: the most complete and controversial tennis news.

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With all that being said, it is very important that I make certain things clear so as to set the stage for this blog. For those who have been avid fanz of all the previous forms of my work, you are awarded special status. I am not entirely sure what that means at this present time, but just know that you are above all others who would come after you. Your support has been much appreciated. Without you, I would not be here. For new fanz, you are most welcome here and I do apologize for the slight bias to the old fanz but I am one for loyalty. Nonetheless know that my capacity to both love and hate is tremendous and you too will soon be a part of the family. As we are on the subject of hate, I will declare that I am a hater. That’s correct; I am a 100% pure undiluted hater. It does not take much to get this hater rolling. However, I hate judiciously. That is to say, I never hate without a reason and I stand by my judgments as so far as my legs would hold me. I am a patient, loving and kind man but once I start on that Hater Express, a take a mighty long swipe at that brake before I come to screeching halt. Also know that I can take corrections and I am fair when fairness is due.

It is very important to note that I am not a great tennis player nor would I ever be. I fail tremendously at hand-eye coordination. Sometimes, the fates are cruel because there is so much passion, will and knowledge about the sport of tennis that I sometimes feel if I had even an iota of talent, I would have won at the very least the calendar grand slam in one year. I know, seemingly impossible but so great is my passion for the sport. For those who would add the adage “those who can’t, criticize” I would like to say, first, if it’s a penny for your thought, I would like a double refund for that one and more importantly, having tennis skills is not perquisite for being a great tennis fan and I will never represent myself as being anything other than a fan. Nonetheless, I may come across as someone with the unmistakable attitude of one who knows it all in respect to tennis. It’s all mere semantics and know that I am a Leo if that means anything to you.

Now as the Edetor n Chefe, I have complete control over the artistic, ethical and intellectual brand of this prestigious publication. I will not lie, cheat or steal and I promise to maintain a high quality as is always expected as well as continue to expand and improve this newzletter. I would like to add that I have certain biases. These biases do not in any way take away from the integral fabric of this magazine but it helps to establish that as a human, I have certain preferences, which cannot be helped. I know over time that these preferences will be attack by readers but I stand ready to defend what can be defended and for the others which cannot be defended, I ask that you simply accept them as you accept that air is necessary for us to breathe. In other words, just deal. If you can’t deal then get your own bloody blog.  I like to be upfront so we know where we all stand.

With blogs, part of the excitement is not so much putting my work out there but more so getting feedback from readers. Now readers as I have said earlier, I am a hater but a judicious one. I welcome comments and challenges. I believe in expression and engaging in healthy debate. However, understand that I am supreme ruler here. I will not tolerate any sort of disgusting, vile, racist, homophobic and other reprehensible comments on this blogs. I have notice the trend on many tennis news sites and blog for things to get very racist and downright ugly. No one will be allowed to hide behind internet anonymity and display his/her microscopic brain output. I will publicly shame you and have you banned from this forum. If you cannot express yourself as a human being then you shall be treated like the annoying pestilent that you are. Be forewarned.

Oh I almost forgot, though many of the views here will be very controversial, understand that they are all merely in jest. RTFNewzletter is meant to be a funny sarcastic and enjoyable publication. It started out as an effort to bring water to the dreary land that is my current work place (oh how I pray for the time I can say my former work place). Therefore, Mr. Federer, the Williams sister, Divadal and the other tennis professionals, if you ever come across this blog, I do beg your indulgence. I respect you all and without you, this blog is nothing. Don’t sue okay. I beg. If you hang out with me and let me take pictures I would be most favorable to you though some tennis players will have to increase their favors in order to be in my good books. Simply smile and roll with the punches. I would ask that you however, pick the small nuggets of wisdom that I do have to share and perhaps incorporate it. I only wish you the best. Plus you get to relish in the fact that I am a nobody but a mere critic and it you who is the superstar and the one who gets a million plus dollars for two weeks work at majors. I assure you, I possess no talent much to my chagrin that would ever earn me such wages.

I do not think I am forgetting anything but would like to add that this website though dedicated mainly for tennis will at times be littered with other interesting sports related matters. I am also passionate about other sports. I will not however dedicate my interest to the big 4: professional Basketball, baseball, football and hockey. They are much too played out and garner no real interesting stories pour moi. They mainly show men trying to live out boyhood fantasies. Quite frankly, I know I would get much flack for this but I think they come across as being Neanderthal at times and display themselves to be very chauvinistic. And for the record, I am very competent in the rules, regulations and play of all those sports. So, don’t run off with the idea that I am ignorant. Please note that if there be any grammatical, typos or misunderstandings, I do apologize. A quick e-mail and I would clarify the matter. I am the lone sailor on this ship at this time, and I cannot do it all especially when I have to keep on with the other daily grind that pays for my housing and the electricity that turns on the television for tennis and the computer for the blog. So if you are a grammar police officer aka a grammarian, get over yourself. Also some errors are intentional. Simply pick sense out of the nonsense.

Over time, I will be publishing as many of the old editions as possible. I did a diligent search and found quite a few of them. I think I may have found the very first edition. Now I do not expect that everyone or even anyone would read them all but I think it would add content to the site. Also one can see the “development/changes” as time passed. I will post from the oldest to the latest, which as far as I can tell is from the Australian Open 2008 to Australian Open 2010. It would take me some time to go through them all and reformat them for the blog. So be patient.

Like I said, one may not read them all because it’s basically old newz but I have to say that I had so much fun writing each and every one of them. Perhaps in your moments of boredom or simply surfing the net you would come here and take a load off…get a smile…and revel in mad world of professional tennis. I do hope that people get up and watch some tennis. If you have more dexterity and better hand/eye coordination than I do, then even go out and play the game. As always comments are welcome and strongly encouraged. “When the king’s voice is the only one being heard, he rules over an empty kingdom”

I have read this About page and realize that I have not mentioned one of the biggest reason for this blog. I started this blog because I detest much of the current mode of commentating that pollute the airwaves during tennis coverage. What is even more appalling is that a lot of journalists who cover tennis know nothing about the sport and have no idea what they are talking about, what they are asking and even worse, what they are disseminating as articles. The commentators or as I like to refer to them as being, commenthaters, are never fair in their judgment and they are all sneakingly bias. Also, former great players do not make for great commentators on the sport just as great mathematicians are not great math teachers. What I wish these commentators would do is be real and honest with the public. Much of what I hear on television is just utter rubbish. Don’t give us 6 for a 9. They are often praising players who are “media darlings” despite the players many apparent flaws. Now I do not have an issue with one having a favorite player, I have mine as well and I defend them fiercely. However, I give credit where credit is due and say that you like player X over player Y. Who can fault you for liking who you like. It is just the way life is. However, people can get on you for pretending that you like someone when you do not. Anyway, part of the issue I have with commenthaters is that I really want their jobs and I think I can do a better job. A Realz job. 🙂 But alas, the world is not fair.

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